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Which Day of the week?...

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Didn't occur to me until now that I'm filling in the calendar for our "Camino of a Different Color". Which day of the week is a good choice for starting Camino Lebaniego? After reading so many times about access to grocery and such, I can't think of any better people to ask than YOU who have done the Lebaniego. ;)
Thank you in advance.


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As a general rule, I recommend avoiding starting on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, from a place that is a transportation node. Examples include Sarria, Ferrol, Tui, and all cities with connecting train and bus service on the Camino Frances. I do not know the specific places on your planned Camino route. The easier it is to get there by train or bus to start affects this paradigm.

The reason is simple. Throngs of pilgrims, relative numbers on each route, accumulate at these locations. These pilgrims arrive on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, to start the following day.

Also, tourists may be attracted to these cities, large towns for the weekends. Together, these two groups typically consume most available lodging for the weeknd, especially in summer.

Also, once the pilgrims start walking on Saturday, Sunday, and to a lesser extent Monday, they create the 'pig in the python' effect. This results in crowding at towns in front of you for at least several days, until the mass thins out, due to different walking speeds, and plans.

I have found, and recommend departing, starting your Camino, on a Monday or Tuesday. Also, as you progress, try to avoid transportation nodal towns and cities in front of you on Friday or Saturday for the same reason.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks kindly, @t2andreo!
Just thought of this and I know that you know this, Ms. Rum, but for new pilgrims who may read this one of the joys of walking is not worrying about the day of the week. But for you new pilgrims out there remember Sundays so you can buy food and supplies on Saturday evening as so many shops and cafes are closed, and holidays will have even more closures. I haven't walked the CF in 5 years and I would think this would not be a big issue but on other Caminos it is definitely something to keep in mind. I have forgotten on more than one occasion and I definitely went hungry during the day in France and on the late stages walking the Norte.

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