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Which flight?

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I walked the Camino Frances in 2016 and I am extremely excited to say that I just booked my flight from Canada to Paris a few minutes ago! Last time, I landed at 5 am and waited until around 10:30 for a train. This time, my flight lands at 10am. I would rather fly to Biarritz as it is easier and cheaper for the most part. I land in CDG. I could wait until 5:25 and fly to BIQ landing at 6:50. I would rather get there earlier if possible. Would I have enough time to catch the 2:15 flight out of Orly? I will not be checking my bag, so that should save a step. What do you suggest?

Rick M

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If you land at 5 AM in CDG and have a flight out of Orly at 2:15 PM, that will work. LeBus Direct has a service between the two airports. You buy your ticket from a machine when you get there, then go wait on the curb for the next one that's headed to Orly. It takes about an hour and a half, give or take, depending on traffic. You should make it easily. But.......Why? Are you one of those people that fall asleep before takeoff and need to be nudged awake when the plane pulls up at the gate? Lucky you. The rest of us mortals need a day or two to recover from jetlag, and for me, there isn't anywhere better than Paris for that!

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We did that a few years ago with a 3.25 hour window between one flight arriving from the States at CDG and the other departing from Orly for Biarritz — also without luggage to check. But it was definitely tight. Your extra hour should give you a little more margin for safety.


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Also agree with Rick M above. On a subsequent trip, we spent a few days in Paris to recover from jet lag and (not incidentally) soak up that beautiful city, then took the train from Paris. Less stress, but of course, it depends on your time frame.
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Be aware that airlines can and do change their schedules. So if they are rescheduled in such a way that it's impossible to make your flight to Biarritz you might have to buy a new ticket. I've never flown into CDG, so I don't know the particulars of immigration and customs there, but if everything goes well 4 hours should be enough time between flights.

If it were me, I would take the opportunity to spend a couple of nights in Paris, since I haven't been there yet. 😊


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If you haven't already booked to Biarritz, there are easyjet flights from CDG...I flew to Biarritz.
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Thanks! I'll keep researching and thinking about it. I will likely wait a while in case the flight changes. I know the flights are quite a bit cheaper than here in Canada, but still, I wouldn't want to have to buy a second ticket because the flights changed. I'm just so excited I want to book everything now! :)
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In case flights don't work out, and you are wondering about trains, on our Last time landing at CDG, we arrived (from Canada) at 9:00 am, easily caught the train from CDG to Bayonne at noon, and arrived in Bayonne in plenty of time that we could have gone right on to SJPDP if we wanted.

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