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Which (short) section of the Camino should I take my mother who uses a wheelchair on?


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Hello guys,

My name is Lina, 22 year old and I am planning to walk the Camino Frances for the first time starting May 2020.

My mom was diagnosed with MS a while ago and we would always promise each other that we will walk the Camino together when she gets better. Fast forward 10 years and my mother has limited physical abilities: she uses a walker or people for support at home and a wheelchair outside. So me walking the Camino is an emotional experience for me and her alike.
I was wondering if there is a way that she can join me for a short while. My father and her could drive to meet me somewhere and I told her "I'll push you". I know that there are people who have done it before so I am looking for advice if there is a specific section of the Camino that would take 2-4 days where we could push a (normal) wheelchair without too many complications.

For example the last 100km/ 50km/ 20km... can anyone describe how hard it would be?

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I wouldn't recommend any of the last 100 km if it is a normal wheelchair. The best one would be, in my opinion, some stretch in the Meseta, for example or the Navarra (starting in Puente la Reina) and La Rioja aeras come also to mind. BC SY


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Various ones.
To go back to your original question, I would say somewhere between Sahagun to Hospital de Obrigo, they changed the route into Leon last year to a less accessible one so that would have to be looked at. It's mostly flat and has options in some sections for more harder ( asphalt surfaces) and direct paths, you would have the iconic bridge over the Obrigo as the backdrop to ending your mum's Camino.
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Hi Lina,

I wish you and your parents all the best.

This blog ( in Dutch only unfortunately ) with inspiring pictures about a pilotproject from a Belgian health care organisation might give you some ideas about the feasibility of using a wheelchair on the Camino.
They walked from Sarria.
Btw the try-out went fine and now the pilgrimage to Santiago is on their yearly list of possible destinations.

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Davie Blisters

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Welcome to the forum Lina,
As @Isca-camigo suggests, I'd also recommend the easier path starting in Sahagun through to Leon.
Sahagun is the halfway-point of the Camino Frances - so this will add some significance for you and your parents. Also, as an added safety feature this part of the camino is mostly in view of a road (so, if there is a problem with weather, wheelchair, health etc. you are in reach of a vehicle.
I think this is a beautiful idea and I wish you a Buen Camino.


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I met a couple this year between Fromista and Carrión de los Condes who were doing sections of the Camino that were suitable for the man to do in a wheelchair. He had a standard wheelchair that he could modify with some additional larger wheels that went on the front that made it easier to roll on rough terrain. These were easily swapped out when he wanted to use it normally.
The couple had mapped out sections that would be easier to do in the wheelchair.
I would try to get in touch with the two guys who made the movie I'll Push You for their suggestions. I heard that they took a group in wheelchairs on the Camino this year. You can probably contact them through this website.


Mike Blackard

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Call or message Peggy Sue Lansing
She and several other volunteers spent a week this past October pushing handicapped people in wheelchairs on the camino each day. I believe they took a bus everyday from Santiago to start in a different place each day.

Mods Note: Please don't us contact details of other people on the forum. PM Mike for the details.
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