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William Garza

Veteran Member
Year of past OR future Camino
Camino Frances, The Jakobsweg
Who are we?
Out there were mindless hive minded swarm moving eternally west..particles in a wave of humanity unbound.
Are we the fortunate ones? captured-enslaved-enraptured by wanderlust..doomed and blessed to wander the deep places where the soul rejoices among kindred.

What we are IRL isnt as important to the moment as who we become amongst ourselves.
Out here..in the real..we become what we truly desire.
Rubbing elbows at tables between king and pauper
Snoring beside the humbled and exaulted,smelling their feet across the room and hoping to yours are beflowered and bereft of eye stinging vapors....

I found myself a prisoner of my desires early
A product of the boundless optimism of the 60s and seventies...to be out..deeply and fully among the empty..finding that at the edge if stars, the big empty is really the Pied de Port...the stars get in the way of how fast you want to go in the deep dive .

But the intersteller...the deep black bottomless-formless abyss, is simply the shore to perfect freedom. Out here, freedom is a fearsome thing
To let go and step off onto the path... demarcation between
And us...

Who are we to desire the empty spaces?
We fill the spaces between the earth and eternity with our wanderings
Are we an idea made flesh and breathed into form by desire?
This is why strangers smile deep into the miles i think..we are..being.
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Year of past OR future Camino
2015 -SJPP- Santiago .Oct/Nov
2017 -Porto to Santiago.Oct
2017- Santiago- Finesterre. Nov
What are we ? Where do we come from ? Where are we going ?
Questions some of us ask ourselves in our lifetime in order to make sense or meaning of it all -also the title of a famous painting by Paul Gauguin . The Camino de Santiago is a good place to ponder these deep questions.


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William Garza

Veteran Member
Year of past OR future Camino
Camino Frances, The Jakobsweg
Its a beautiful painting! My question is more what is the underlying drive to go?and who we are when we are going.
Lost...or found when we are out-there
I am happiest "out there" which begs the question of why i cant be who i am out there at home.
I have answered that to myself but its a mystery as to why someone is content staying a mile from home..when others are content anywhere?

And why there seems to be an institutional bias against those who have stepped out passed the immediate horizon?
Ide rather be in the company of you folks who have passed beyond the tree line as it may..amd gone down the road a ways.

Someone wrote the phrase "lost horizons"
I have left many Horizons behind never to return.

Forgotten many more until the memory sweetly comes unbidden and brings the missing feelings.

If i try, i can fill in the gaps with imagination and forgetting the hardships, surround myself with a golden haze.

I started walking before 9 months and the wanderlust never left, maybe thats why i feel kindreds among the forum members..and why it calls so hard as to bring a lump to the throat

Maybe its a fix?
A cure for what is ..what?
A necessity?

A prayer of thankfullness.....?
A benediction

Who are we??? To be drawn out to out there?
Its a happy question best answered by those who have been there
Answered under stars and a candle and a bottle for veritas
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