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Wifi availability

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Silver Oxide Camino de Santiago pendent
Camino de Santiago pendant that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.


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In the larger cities, you should have no problem finding wifi sites...larger hotes, some cafes etc. will probably have it. However, in small rural towns, sometimes there is only one computer in a bar in the town and everyone uses it. I am not certain, but I would not rely too heavily on readily available wifi connections.

Buen Camino,
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Many of the 3-star hotels along the Camino provide wifi, but I would underline what Deirdre says. I would be greatly surprised if it were available outside major centres, but the situation may improve during the Holy Year...


There is wi-fi all the way along the Caminos - whenever you pass into a village or town ... they aren't meant to be wi-fi hotspots of course, but are domestic wi-fi connections where the owner has not set a password - lots of them - though I would never suggest that you connect with any of them.

Many many cafes along the Frances have a coin operated internet connection (set in a plywood case so looks a bit like a fruit machine) - depends when you are going - in March and April I found them mainly unused - but if there is a wait, well so what?
In all the bigger towns and cities there are internet cafes of course - just stop and ask any teenager (don't ask an adult).
There's a lot to be said for carrying a ramstick with your email details on etc, rather than a wi-fi computer, no matter how small or light it is - but, and here is the thing ... why would you possibly want to be connected to your 'home' world whilst on a pilgrimage?

Crikey! - why not let go? :wink: send them a postcard! :D
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Are you bringing a laptop with you on the Camino??
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An ultra sub notebook weighs 2.5 pounds. I am thinking about it. My walks are reflective affairs and writing my thoughts are key to that experience. Has anyone tried taking a small laptop? do own an iphone which would be sufficient if it had a keyboard (but that is an issue for other forums)


And quite right too .. - plus the cables and charger weight of course ... plus the protective bag for it ... all adds up ... but everyone makes their own unique pilrimage ...

I don't know what an iphone is .. (no, please don't anyone tell me - I assume the 'i' stands for internet)

A number of people write along the Way - I do as well .. though ..
....personally I prefer a pencil and small notebook .................. :wink:


:lol: :lol: :lol:

it's true! I am the tree killer .. and my notebooks come from China where 8 year old children make them by hand, each line hand drawn, in a sub-standard lean-to shed for 3 pence a week ... and the wood for my pencils is from telegraph poles, stolen from the United Nations -

it's true! I am guilty (and too much of a wimp to carry extra stuff - especially if it is a machine!) :lol: :lol: :wink:


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:lol: Rage against the machines,(but not now)!


PS. the provenace of the writing sticks does inspire to lighten the load...
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:lol: :lol: :lol:

"go not gently into that long, dark, and dying Camino night, but rage, rage, rage, against the dying of the Laptop lithium battery's might"

Apologies to the Welshman.


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Job and Br. David,

I can only say, I am SO glad to be home alone! Being found in tears at the keyboard would require more explanation than I can get the breathe to do! My sons would weep at your response to iphone! Poor sods, they're so totally hooked it's pathetic!

Reminds me of an instance at work when I told a coworker, that I would just cut and paste to get all of a project onto one page. He gave me the strangest blank look and told me this application won't allow you to do that. I had to show him my actual scissors and tape, before he understood, I meant CUT and PASTE!

Br. David, where can I get these hand made notebooks!?? And pencils from telegraph poles, are they heavy?

Thanks for making my evening
Karin :lol:

Javier Martin

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In my opinion,

Enjoy the Camino, forget wifi and other "strange" technological advances from the civilization.

If you meet one, perfect. Use it. If you need one, look for it. It's not difficult to find it.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.


The problem with pencils is that when the black thing at the end (the tip I think its called) breaks or wears out you then you just have a stick.. I have a pile of them and don't know what to do with them



Yes, I understand the many sticks problem .... when you get enough of them buy some glue and then put them together in the shape of a laptop ... this will be much lighter than a real laptop, will float if you drop it in water - but will be just as useful as a real laptop on the Camino.

hope this helps .... :wink:
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Bridget and Peter

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But there are so many things you can use a pencil for, even when they are broken-

1.use one as a splint for a broken finger one, broken point up, in the bed of a snorer to persuade them not to lie on their back

3.poke fierce dogs in the eye when they jump at you

4.rig up mini washing lines to dry your other pair of pants, socks etc

5.rub two together to make fire in unheated refugios

6.scratch your back without taking your backpack off

7.scrape a hole when you have to 'go behind a bush' (but make sure you take your paper away - you could burn it in the fire at no.5)

8. make a breathing hole when you are buried in an avalanche

9. join lots together to make a walking pole you can take as cabin luggage

10. chew the broken end into shreds and use as a toothbrush - you could use the other end to write with as well and save weight!

how many of those could you do with a laptop? Nuff said.


There, you see, lots of uses for the sticks once the black writing bit at the end has gone .... though there is a rumour that they can be recycled and reused by removing some wood from one end ...

but to be fair, there are some uses for a laptop too ...

errrmmmm ...

1) you can look busy when someone comes along so you don't have to talk to them.
2) makes a nice level surface for resting a notepad and pencil on
3) can sit on it when taking a break in wet weather
4) can be used as a fan
5) very good for mixing small amount of cement on
6) good for sitting next to 'tapping' walking polers at night and really tapping back
7) opposite of 1. - you can engage in conversation by asking
a) where is there a power socket
b) no, I mean a working power socket
c) has anyone a european socket adapter
d) (in a bar/cafe) can I charge my laptop in here
e) (in a bar/cafe) what do you mean 'am I having a laugh'
f) do you know where there is a wi-fi hot spot
g) do you know how to ask 'where there is a wi-fi hot spot' in Spanish
h) does anyone know how to explain what a 'wi-fi hot spot' is in spanish
i) can I post this heavier than I thought it would be flat box to Ivar at Santiago please

and so on .......


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Le Puy-Santiago(2008) Cluny-Conques+prt CF(2012)
You all realise you have me killing myself laughing over my keyboard at the other end of the world dontcha know?
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I Like point 2 the best ...... Now where's my wife (she's a snorer)

I'll try it and let you know how it goes

Ummm point 2 above didn't work very well. Now how do I remove one of those sticks from my left buttock????


New Member
Thank you all for a very entertaining read!!!I loved it. Some of you can come up with some wondeful replys. But I hope you got your answer.
Regards Begonia :lol: :roll:

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