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Withdrawing Euros


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Aug/Sept (2017)
I am currently planning on using my Revolut or Chase debit card for most of my spending, however I always like to have a few Euros as a back up!

Looking at the current rates, if pre booked & collected, they are lower than the exchange rates offered by the cards mentioned!

I would be interested in hearing what rate most people are currently getting from some of the Spanish cash machines?
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The *most* expensive way to get cash is via a credit card! Most credit cards have huge fees and charge interest immediately for cash.

Use a bank ATM card.

Assuming you a from USA, the USD/EUR
rate is at parity so you have never had it so good. Well not for a hell of a long time. So enjoy it. Get the right ‘feeless’ ATM card and you are home and dry!

Although in theory the Spanish inflation rate will ‘eat’ a lot of this up!
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