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Yearning to hear the bells


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On the Marne River in France
July 25, 2022

Although physically I may not be in Santiago de Compostela nevertheless I yearn to hear the massive cathedral bells peal in celebration of the Feast of Saint James, July 25.

Within the city all will convene to celebrate this historic Catholic event and actively participate in age-old ecclesiastic pageantry and tradition.

Whatever our ethnicity or beliefs, all pilgrims who walk or have walked the Camino share common bonds. All surely remember their personal thrill on arriving at last at the great cathedral, touching the hallowed stones, weeping with joy, and giving thanks as the great bells tolled.

At home in France I shall, as always, also remember and listen for those far-distant, celebratory bells.
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Via Monastica 2022
It must be amazing to be there today.
Fortunately we have the internet.
I'm especially interested in this part:
O magazine ‘Quen Anda Aí? Verán’ non descansará o 25 de xullo e estará moi pendente de todo o que aconteza nas rúas de Santiago. A continuación, arredor das 19.15 h, estrearase ‘A Galicia do prerrománico’, documental de produción propia que percorre a historia de Galicia durante os cinco séculos que seguiron á caída do Imperio Romano, e que teñen como feito crucial que nese período (séculos V-X) foi cando se descubriu a tumba do Apóstolo en Santiago, desembocando no comezo da construción da catedral de Santiago.

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