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10 Caminos, 2005-16;
St .Jean -> Finisterrae, Autumn 2017 (up-coming)
Hello everyone!
I am new to this forum, but the few posts I've read make me feel like I've just arrived at an awesome Albergue, for which I am very thankful!
The university I teach at has asked me to give a talk about the Camino. I can, of course, talk about the Camino, my experiences, the great many stories I connect with it, for hours and hours. However, for this occasion, I thought it would be a great addition to present some things other pilgrims have to say about what the Camino has meant to them, has given them, in what way it may have impacted them. And that's why I am addressing you, fellow pilgrims!
The overwhelming majority of my expected audience, such as it may be, will have no knowledge about the Camino, let alone experiences on it. Therefore, the idea of having a few words from other pilgrims' experiences might contribute to making the whole topic somewhat more tangible and "real". I've thought of placing some quotes on a small poster (maybe A-2 size) that people could look at as they enter or leave the auditorium. So, if you feel like helping me out with your two cents, please give a laconic (awfully unfair, I know!) answer to what really is the same question:
-What has the Camino meant to you?
-What has it given you?
-In what ways has it impacted you the most?
- or any other rendition of the same...
And, only if you feel like it, you are also most welcome to give a name (or an initial), your city and/or country and the year(s) of your pilgrimage -- this might give it all even more of a personal touch.
I hope this request doesn't strike you as too awkward and finds some response, and any and all input will be hugely appreciated!
And, by the way, if anyone is or will happen to be in Western Kansas in a couple of weeks (which I, honestly and unfortunately, dare to doubt) -- you're more than welcome to join!
Gracias y Buen Camino!
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