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Your preferred sello (stamp)

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VDLP Part 2/2023
There is a guy at Finisterre offering the "Ultimo Sello" - the last one. He's set up a a donativo, essentially paying a private individual to ink your paperwork.

Who'd have thought that at the End of the Earth (Finis Terrae) there'd be a souvenir shop and a last opportunity for a sello.


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Camino Frances 2021, 2022
I don't know - I loved all of them because just having the record of where I stopped was so special! I do wish ALL had the name of the albergue or bar and the town/city name on them. I loved the ones that had their special logo/image. And I laughed at the occasional place that basically had a normal business stamp - I can't remember where but I got one like that on the Frances and one like that at the train station in Hendaye.
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Sobrado Dos Monxes 2007 .jpg

One of my favorite sellos is this from the Sobrado dos Monxes monastery.

In March 2007 I detoured to Sobrado from the Camino Frances at Arzua; the round trip walk was roughly 50 km. Stayed at the pilgrim albergue within the Cistercian/Trappist complex. When the porter saw my American passport he delightedly (and silently) pointed to several library shelves filled with the works of Thomas Merton, the renowned American Trappist.

This monastery complex is a Baroque masterpiece; in the afternoon I wandered through the many structures in awe. No other pilgrims were about.

Alone I attended Vespers. The evening service was held in a splendid circular contemporary space. Walls were either painted white or natural wood. All was lit by thick, sputtering candles. The monks wearing their white robes responded in unison.

It was a true privilege to share such a timeless ambiance; this sello is a memento of that special silent night.
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Some in the past; more in the future!
My favourite stamp is from Casa do Funil in Mértola, Portugal (on the Caminho Nascente). They are not used to receiving pilgrims and didn't have a stamp. But the owner is a sketcher so he sketched and painted a little stamp for both of us showing the town's clocktower:


For good measure, here is the clocktower:

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The one stamp that always stands out for me when looking over the credentials of pilgrims is the Samos stamp from the Camino Frances. It is much bigger than the others and takes up more space than the standard square that most sellos fit into.

This is interesting, but also important from a distance calculation point of view, because at a glance it's clear that the pilgrim has walked 7km more with the Samos detour than would normally be calculated.

Its a pretty stamp too..


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My affair
For difficulty of obtaining the sello, it is the British Embassy in Madrid at the start of the CdMadrid. The security was hard work, as was explaining to the British staff behind the bullet-proof glass, why on earth I wanted the official stamp on a ‘souvenir’. The local Spanish staff came to the rescue.
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Angus Strongbear

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Camino Frances (x 2)
Camino Portuguese Central
Which is, in your opinion, the best "sello" you have ever received ? Both considering the esthetic and the difficulty in obtaining it.
Two days ago, I got the ultimate sello from Carlos Pinheiros at Albergue Pinheiros in Alvaiazere. It took about ten minutes for him to do. It has a brass scallop shell, and a brass key, and a red ribbon. Onto these he drips three different colours of heated wax, and then a big circle with three different colours of melting wax, then he Stamos that circle. Then he drips melting wax, in a circuit around the page representing your steps to Santiago. Everyone at the albergue was photographing the entire process including me. Unfortunately, I am not good enough with Smartphones to show a photo here. My phone is definitely smarter than me.


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22 Sept. to 21 Oct. 2015, Pamplona to Santiago
6-23.04 Porto to Santiago 2018
17.09-30.09 CF 2018
Got a stamp from the Guardia Civil in Portomarine. They had a van outside the church and were offering stamps to people walking out after mass or to anyone walking by. Just kind of unique.


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Del Norte (by bike)
Ingles (feb 2020)
Thank you to all for the reply, I hope we can continue increasing the number of "special"sellos collect (and maybe depicted by a photo) on this topic.
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From Porto, Portugal, through Tui, Spain, in 2015.
Northern route in August/September 2017
I had a sello made for the parishioners of my parish who walk the Camino. I’ve stamped it for them on the parish altar before they leave for Spain. It may not be the favorite that I've received, but it's my favorite that I've given.



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Earlier this year I commented in another thread
On my pilgrimages on the St Olavs Ways, where places didn't have stamps, I asked for a drawing, and was never disappointed. When I look at these little drawings I have a much more vivid memory of that day and the circumstances than other days.
These are links to the images:

or they can be found at this post.

They remain my favourite entries in all my credentials.


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Inglés 2015
Fisterre (2015 17)
Which is, in your opinion, the best "sello" you have ever received ? Both considering the esthetic and the difficulty in obtaining it.
The obvious answer for me is the Cathedral cello which appears twice on each of my completed passports. It is a symbol of the result of the completed pilgrimage.
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2000,2001,2004 Camino Frances from St. Jean
2005 Camino Argonese from Oloron to Puente de la Reina, Camino Frances from St. Jean,
2013 Camino Portugese from Porto, Camino Ingles from Ferrol, Camino Finisterre
(2016) Camino Portugese from Braga
One of my favorites is the sello I received from Felisa who had a stand set up on the Camino where she offered Figs, water and love as I headed into Logrono. After she died, her daughters kept the stand open. Don’t know if they are still there.


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Too many and too often!
I like the new sello for Albergue Elias Valina in Canfranc, an adaptation from a full-on Icon created last year by California pilgrim-artist Melissa West for the new albergue.
I love this one @Rebekah Scott ! I walked my first Camino using Don Elias's Camino guide - a copy borrowed from my mother-in-law and which Don Elias had signed for Barbara on her own 1985 Camino. If I have any regrets about that first Camino it is probably that I arrived in O Cebreiro a few months too late to meet the man himself.

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