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From September 11th to 18th on the Portuguese Camino Tui to Santiago (including the Coastal Route) what should I expect from insects, Mozzies etc.
Hi Johnny,
I was recommended to pick your brain :)
I'm a school teacher and have minimal time. I would like to do the following:
Vigo to Pontevedre to Poio (via Variante Espiritual) to Villanova de Arousa to Padron to Santiago
I'm reading a lot of different thing on here: Some people say that Vigo to Santiago (via Variante Espiritual) does/does not qualify for 100 km. Can you help a sister out? Thanks!
Walked the French Way in late summer 2017. Was very fortunate to have an open arrival date and took six weeks to complete with stops in various towns. I was visiting my employer in Regensburg Germany last month when I spotted a Camino way marker in the middle of the old town. I figure it's a reminder to reinforce what I learned and how I evolved during my walk. Happy Trails All!
Starting my third Camino on 3rd sept with my Son from St Jean, So looking forward to it.Never booked accommodation before and don't intend to again this time.Buen Camino
Starting CF in 4 weeks. Between what two major towns is Cacabelos located? I'd like to make a notation in my Brierley guide. Thank you.
If you mean Cacabelos it’s between Ponferrada and Villafranca. If you are looking for a very special alburgue about 1.5km beyond Cacabelos in Pieros is El Serbal y la Luna one of my favorites on the Camino. Buen Camino Dee
Starting CF in a few weeks. Just read your post about Maribel Roncal Albergue. I'd like to make a notation about it in my Brierley guide. Would you please tell me between what two major stopping points is this albergue located? Thank you.
Morgan Holmes
Morgan Holmes
It is in Cizur Menor, just 4km past Pamplona, heading toward Zirauquigi.
Thank you.
"Baba" means father in many languages ( grandmother in Ukraine/Russia ) , might you be Father John? Curious, as always, you need not reply :)
Baba John
No, I am not Father John.
When I was signing up for the forum 'Baba John" popped out and I honored its expression.I have never thought of myself as a Baba and was a little surprised at its presence on the screen of my laptop.
As I write this I remember my days as a carefree 'Hippie' who, after meeting Meher Baba (Compassionate Father) set me forever on the path to being a sadhana (pilgrim).

Peace be with you.
Getting so close to departure and life keeps throwing up obstacles to my training walks! I'm still coming no matter what. I need to do this walk but seems part of my learning is happening now, even before I leave Oz.
Felipe, thank you so much for the detailed information you sent re: my beginning in Lourdes. I really appreciate the time and care you took. Buen & Blessed Caminos!! Janet
Hello. I am planning to hike Via la Plata in the fall. Is there an up to date guide book someone would recommend. I have camino experience however as of yet have not found a recently published guide. Thank you.... any/all info welcomed!
A silly question perhaps, but important to me: is there any wildlife along the camino frances? Meaning birds, small ground animals, rabbits? That sort of thing? Oh, also, what is the Pyrenees crossing(more or less) like at the time I will be walking - around last week September, weather-wise? I think after reading so many threads I am prepared(mentally) for all eventualities. Ha ha, famous last words.
Black squirrels (melanistic red) after Melide come to mind. The problem being the racket made by the many groups of pilgrims on route. The earlier stages are quieter. For wildlife the less travelled caminos are best.
Hi there, doing the Portugues Seaside in September and wondering if I will need a sleeping bag or just a sleep sack? Also, what does the Albergues offer for sleeping? Don't want to be cold at night :)
Hi again Matt, I reached a word limit on my previous msg...so part 2...
If you’re interested to stay in monasteries, there’s a site called Acogida Cristiana en al Camino - worth a look as some of these places have been offering support to pilgrims through the ages.
You may have seen all these resources, but if not, I hope they help you. I hope to vicariously enjoy and learn from your journey
Buen Camino, Mary
Thanks Mary I’ll have a look. Have reserved an Albergue in St-Jean so it’s all coming together!
Hi Matt, just writing to share a few resources I’ve come across in my research:
- there’s a site/app called My Camino Bed, which has lots of info about accommodation all along the way
- on this forum there’s a PDF called ‘favorite-alberqes-2018’ from experiences of forum members
- another app, called SimplyCamino, has an elevation and distance graph that looks useful and I think it has a tracker
Second msg coming
They are just my size. Happy to pay postage. Pls let me know if available.

Hi, John... I just agreed to send them to someone else. However, things are never set in concrete until it gets done, so I'll keep your name handy in case it falls through.
hello, jefferyonthecamino
I noticed you have done both Camino de Frances and Portuguese way---can you please give me your opinion which one you like best in terms of scenery? in terms of the terrain, which one is easier to do? How many days did you spent walking in each? Many questions but I appreciate any information you can share. I'm planning to do the Camino in May 2019, my first. Thanks much!!!
Hi there, sorry for the delayed response but i've been off the radar for a but. Scenery: Francés, easier: portuguese. I typically walk the Galician section for each (on the portuguese starting in Ponte de Lima)
If time is on your side, is staying a couple of days in SJPdP recommended before commencing the adventure that awaits? Heck, just getting to SJPdP seems like and adventure... Planes trains and automobiles!
I am thinking of walking next April. Could anyone comment on the Easter period. Will it be very busy, will everything be open on Good Friday, Easter Sunday. IS it better to start after Easter
I’m hoping to arrive on the Camino from León in June 2019. Should I book an alberges now as they seem to be well booked already on booking.com? First Camino so total Newby. Prob travelling alone.
Booking sites usually don't have dates for Spanish hotels etc so far in advance; generally they open up 60-90 days before the date.
Hello - I was wondering if you felt the Le Puy route was safe for a woman walking alone? Also, I don't speak french - how much of a problem would that be? One last question...if I don't pone ahead for a bed will I be able to find somewhere to sleep?? Thanks!
Opps sorry only just reading this. There were quite a lot of women walking the Le Puy route alone, and I think they mostly felt safe. You can get by without speaking French, as other pilgrims will translate for you often. But it can be a bit lonely I think. How easy it is to get a bed depends a bit on when you are walking.There are fewer beds than on the Camino Frances, so it can be a long walk if you miss a bed.
Hello pilgrims. I intend to walk the last 100km from the 6th of September departing Sarria. Would anyone else be walking on a similar date
Alex if you are in SDC between Sept 10 and 24 please stop by the Pilgrim office and say hello. Patty and OI will be working there between those dates. I'm not sure what time of the day we are working as yet though.
Will certainly do! Someday, I must pay my dues myself in that office after all these years on the Way(s)! :-)
I am from the warmer climes of Africa, although resident on the perimeters of London now. You can read my ride blog at www.bobblingthroughafrica.com and get an idea of who I am. I will place more info tomorrow availing. Take care and have a wonderful evening.
Hello David, Many thanks for getting back to me so soon. I was interested in your comments about the use of trolleys for the Camino. I am hopefully going to do the Camino early next year. But I need some advice.
a. Suffering a bit with my walking ability I will need to use a trolley. All advice you can give with regard to this issue will be gratefully accepted.
Also hiking in the cooler months is that an issue?
Thank you to everyone who has shared their advice as we prepare for our first Camino. We have driven 5 hours to the airport and tomorrow we will board a plane to Sydney, changing planes there and again in Dubai. We will spend the night in Paris before boarding another plane to Biarritz, then taking the train to SJPP. So excited yet feeling very calm at the same time after weeks of almost frantic packing and repacking
Welcome to the Forum, a great place for information about everything imaginable regarding the Camino by those who have trekked the different Caminos !
Buen Camino :-)
Greetings Ivar,I did the 20 euro donation here a few days ago,however ad's keep appearing on my page,can this be corrected?
Thanks everyone for all the advice on many topics. We are starting our first Camino in a couple of days. We will drive 5 hours to the airport then change planes in Sydney, then again in Dubai. Staying overnight in Paris before jumping on another plane to Biarritz, and then train from Bayonne to SJPdP. So very excited.
Hey Bama Geezer, I'm so happy to hear you completed El Camino de Frances! I also am somewhat "seasoned" and planning on walking the Camino in June 2019. I would really appreciate hearing all about your experience.
Bama Geezer
Sorry for delay—don’t log on much. Would be glad to help. Are you going alone? We ,Three old men, completed the entire CF and Fin/Muxía in 38 days of hiking. We stop for 5 one stopped in Major cities.
Dear Ivar,

Recently I have journeyed from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. Besides personal interest to walk the Camino, I also walked for research purposes. I wish to interview people who walked one of the Portuguese routes about their experiences. Can I have permission to place a request to interview on the forum?

With kind regards,

Hi Nalod. I'm curious re" weather and conditions and albergue spacing when you walked VDLP in February... seasoned pilgrim who would be walking solo.
Just saw this message. Weather is a lucky bag. I had 25 deg Celsius in Seville and snow in Galicia. It can often be wet. Another time I walked 22 days without rain. Albergue spacing is different from Frances but is generally ok with one or 2 exceptions. The stage around Caparra and another one after Casar de Cacaress. Regards Dermot
I will be doing the Camino Frances in September 2018. This is a spiritual undertaking for me which I'm doing solo. I'm not nervous about my very first camino and quite confident that all will be okay. My real concern is BLISTERS! I seldom miss a Charity Walk here in South Africa and really struggle with blisters. Any ideas on how to minimise these if not avoid them altogether? Thanks.
Hi Kathy,
I am looking to do the Camino around the same time you did. I will arrive in St John around the 18th of Sept. How was the weather for your trip.
I am researching all the camino path choices and I had not heard to the Camino Levante. Is it marked well and are rooms/gites readily available? Did you take a picture of the broken down old castle? Do you mean it was empty and you just slept within...or was it run by a host?
I was just looking at your Camino on Polar Steps and am fascinated by your journey. Is this route known or did you map it out yourself ? I have lots of questions but will leave it to just one for now. Buen Camino Celine !!!!!
Good afternoon Ivar, Im just starting to plan to do the French walk to Santiago with my wife in April 2020 and I would like to stay in Hotels instead of Hostels etc. My question is: are there hotels across the entire French walk-in so, how do I get a list of Hotels?
Thanking you in advance, Carlos
Hi everyone...I am trying to book a flight to Biarritz but it lands at 5pm; does anuone know about last trains or buses to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port?
Thank you
Hi Tom, Thank-you for the kind words. I enjoy your posts - always a bit of wisdom.
On my second Camino Frances a memorable day was walking out of Carrion de los Condes. On my first Camino, I left Carrion de las Condes in an ambulance. Walking out of Carrion de los Condes that day 18 months later felt like a sort-of victory.
Hi! I am a documentary filmmaker. I have walked the Camino Frances last year and I am going back this year to make a short documentary about it. I am looking for fellow pilgrims who will walk the Way with me and feature in the documentary. Are you interested?
Camino Portuguese September 2018
Will arrive into Portoairport after 9 pm on evening of 3 September. I am thinking of taking metro straight out to Matasinhos and staying there so as to have an early start on morning of 4th September. Given the late arrival is this sensible/ feasible? Or am I best to stay overnigt in Porto and just catch metro the following am ?
Hi, I've read the rules. So may I please ask a moderator to contact me? Looking for possibly any Jewish contacts between Madrid and Santiago 4-18 September 2018 for Rosh Hoshanna and Yom Kippur. I am from South Africa. Do not speak Spanish and will be assisting a disabled Christian friend to reach her dream of doing the Camino in whatever way possible.
Hi, Richard. I am planning to start the same date from Porto. Yes, it would be nice to meet somebody and maybe walk some steps together. Are you planning to do the coastal or internal way? I would be glad to hear from you.
Hi Rebekah, from Bowling Green Ohio. My husband and I are finishing our camino from last year that ended in Moratinos. Wondering if you still have your place open for pilgrims? I read your story and would like to begin at the Peaceable Kingdom. Would love to stay with you on Sept. 18, 2018.
Rebekah Scott
Rebekah Scott
hola Carolyn. You're welcome to come over, I will be in USA that part of September, alas! But Paddy will be here with James, our loveable Scottish hospitalero, and all the animals. Thanks for thinking of us.
Hi everybody, I love this forum. Planning on starting my camino from St. Jean on September 5, 2018 after flying from Seattle, Wa. on Sept.3 to Gatwick - Biarritz/Bayonne. Current plan is to meet daughter & son in law in Sarria on Oct. 6, and finish together. First time long distance "walk" , but I'm a young 68:-) College buddies are trying to get me in shape with day hikes in Washington's cascade mountains.
Started my French Camino 22/04/18 with an 18 lb. bag plus water total 22 lbs. completed 27/05/18. Blessed and happy... updates as I get the courage to write...
The Meseta-Burgos to Leon (April 2018), Camino Portugués (September 2018), Finisterre (Oct 2018)