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Hi Danny. I have asked around to find any contact details for Angela but everyone sais the same, she doesn't do facebook or anything like that. I know she spends a lot of time in Finisterra, and is often in the bar at La familia (The World Family), and I have seen you have posted there. So, sorry mate no luck I a afraid. I will be in Finisterra hopefully later this year, if I see here I will let her know you are look
Morning Ivar,
I am walking the camino in the hight of summer,July nad August,what is the heat going to be like,i go to the costa del sol quite a lot in summer so I know its hot, but is it as hot as it is on the del sol?
It might be... depends what camino you are walking as well
I will riding my second Camino, last year I cycled the French Camino, starting in Irun on the 8 of May, could anyone advise me which pathway I should avoid with a bicycle
We are avid walkers / hikers and plan our travelling around great places to walk. We have walked the Rota Vicentina as our first long distance walk in Feb 2017 and have a plan for Le Puy May/June 2019 and working out a time for Via Francigena possibly in two sections.
Wow, I joined this Forum in the Summer of 2012. It took until 2016 to start my first Pilgrimage as I was caregiving for my Mother. She wanted to go with me on the Camino. But at 90+, that could only happen after she passed. And she did come with me in 2016. But that was not thee year for me to complete the Camino Frances. My IT Band (left leg) knotted up so badly that I could not continue, on just the third day.
Arriving Irun April 26 to walk the Norte my first time. I thank all of you for your posts as the info has been tremendously helpful.
It's in Santiago de Compestela, and I would like to treat you to a night there as a reward for your blog efforts. How would that be?
Camino Frances in 2017 and on to Muxia and Finisterre
Hope to do Camino Portugues 2018 and revisit Finisterre
Hullo John, you mention the existence of a kindle version of the CSJ guide to the Portuguese coastal and seaside routes. I can find the book version on the CSJ site, but not the kindle. Could you please give me the idiot’s guide on how to access the kindle version. Many thanks…………………….Donovan
Hello Again. I ahve finally reach a time I can really plan my pilgrimage and looking forward to it in Sept/Oct. I am starting to gather my packing needs. Wanted to look into those light weight custom made sleeping bags that take up to 5 or 6 weeks to make in the US I have lost my info, If any one know what I,m refering to I would appreciate any info you have. thank You
Would you mind sending me link. I have searched Saloman and didn’t see those in my size. Thank you vary much!!
Hi- my friend and I are looking forward to company to walk from Sarria to SDC starting May 25th this year...let us know if your dates match ours and we can all meet up. I am from Singapore and my friend is from australia
Hey there!!!!!! Such great things said about you by our forum members!!!!
Wondering if you'd have room for myself and two of my daughters (10,12) and my friend with her 18 year old daughter?
We would like to stay APRIL 2 or the 3rd (and maybe both)...:)
It would be the five of us.
If I read correctly you have four person rooms. My 10 year old can sleep with me or on the floor to keep us together?
Is this possible?
I`m a 41year old man from Geneva, Switzerland. I m planning to do the Portuguese Coastal Way on may 2018 (Porto -Santiago). It will be my first adventure by meself (i ve got 2 friends interested in but no positive answers yet). Is anyone interested in going to do this way too? 14 days till Santiago and then some rest in one of the nice beaches in one of the cities not far from there. Peace and love to all, Ian.

I am also staying at the Monastery Hotel in May. I am doing a tour with Amawalkers. Are you on the same tour?
Best wishes
Nope, ours is just a tour for two: my wife and I! Staying there April 11th, so ahead of you on the route. I am curious, though, of what way you are walking. Are you going there from Jaca?
Walked Via Sanabres, November 2016, following serving as hospitalera in El Burgo Ranero. Heading back in April -- either Chemin d'Arles or Camino del Norte
Camino Frances (2008) Le Puy to SJPP (2010) Camino Primitivo (2010) Via de la Plata (20130 Camino del Norte - Irun to Llanes (2016) Camino del Norte - Llanes to Santiago de la Compostella (2017) Camino Portuguese (2018?)
Counting down to April 19th when I resume my 2016 camino from Estella. Looking forward to meeting others who are traveling at the same time.
From Biarritz, I paid for a taxi service that was shared with others about to walk the Camino...Express Bourricot taxi service located in SJPP will meet you at the airport and take you from Biarritz to SJPP. I paid 19Euro for shared ride.
Hi John , I see that you joined this wonderfull forum on my birthday . I arrive on 19 ,April 2018 in Santiago to work as a volunteer for two weeks .
Wish you a wonderfull time and a Buen Camino , Peter .
Less than 8 months now until we take our first steps from Le Puy. May have to start packing soon. Cant find any English Language Guide books but it seems Le Puy to SJPDP is not difficult just using the signs / shells, a list of Gites (found on a Pilgrim Facebook post) and general advice found on other pilgrims blogs. Cant wait - see you on the trail.
Walked the first 2 days from Le Puy and got to Monistrol - a lovely walk uphill - through forests and quite rugged in places. The shells are there but you have to look for them in some places. Nice cafe's en route. Planning to do the rest when we get more time.
Hi All, I am at a cross road in my life and am planning to walk the camino to empty the old, to make space for the new..... Right now reading up and figuring out the best time to do this.....
Welcome to the forum Cecilia. In answer to your question about the best time, well it's when you start out the door. I get a bit tired of people quizzing me on all the ins and outs of the Camino, mostly from people who say they would love to do it but then tell you all the excuses of why they can't go. If you want to go, then do so, as I have been recently reminded, life can be brutal and short.
Bom dia a todos
Começo meu primeiro caminho no final de agosto desde San Jean e vou até Santiago caminhando.
Tenho lido com bastante atenção todos os comentários, experiencias e informações desde fórum, sempre me colocando cada vez mais próximo do meu caminho.
Tenho uma dúvida sobre fazer um pequeno trecho de bike, na opinião dos amigos, qual seria o melhor trecho, talvez o mais plano?
Buen camino.
I was considering starting in Coimbra and then walking through Porto and on to Santiago. So much of what I've read said it was on a lot of road walking, but you made it sound lovely. Thoughts???
Yes, a lot of road walking from Coimbra, the closer to Porto the more suburban feel to it in a way. Some unpleasant cobblestones to remember as well but that was part of Camino experience for me and I was prepared for hard going as it was a spontaneous decision and I didn't have the right footwear. Still doable. As for the natural beauty I guess the most beautiful landcapes are before Coimbra, wilder and greener.
Camino Frances - 2013
Le Puy en Velay - Burgos - in segments 2013 -2017
La Meseta - May 2018
Hi there,
I'm arriving in Seville on 21st January 2018. Is it a good time to walk Via de la Plata or would the Portuguese route be a better option? I walked the Frances Way in November/December 2016.
Thank you in advance.
Hello fellow Sacramentan! Wife and I are walking the Camino Aragones then the CF, from Jaca to Santiago in April/May. Likely visiting Fatima afterwards, but that part by bus :). We likely won't meet, but it's always nice knowing that someone "local" is nearby while walking. Buen Camino.
Hi Ivar. Please change it to "Hiking Partner". Our group planning to hike 2019 received "hikers names". Thank you very much
Hiking Partner it is..
Good day Ivar. I would like to change my username. Could you please assist. Thank you
What would you like it to be? (it can not already be in use)
I use Linux, not that old, and the Chrome browser. Will yours use that? or QupZilla - if using Ubuntu it is in their lists.
Rick of Rick and Peg
Rick of Rick and Peg
9 year old Ubuntu. Can't update apps and too lazy to compile them. This forum was the first site that I use a lot to die on me though. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet soon.
Walked Camino Frances in October 2015. Still pondering whether to do it again!
I do not speak Spanish and am from the dysfunctional US of A. Please forgive me!
Davie Blisters
Davie Blisters
Haha, my Spanish only enables me to eat, drink & sleep - everything else is achieved through mime.
All that i can speak Spanish is "Gracias" ,"uno", "cafe con leche" and "Hola".
But I made it, even though my Spanish is poor.
Chin up please.
I will begin again the Camino Frances on 17, April, 2018. This time I'm allowing more time, 6 weeks, and plan to go slower and see more.
I walked the French Way in 2016 SJPDP to the sea and am leaving March 9th to walk the French
Way again. You are absolutely right it did change my life and I think about the Camino every day. It really ignited my spiritual life and I have become a daily communicant.
Are you an Anglican priest that has become a Roman Catholic priest?
frank rawley
I too pray daily for the reconciliation and reunion of all of the christian churches and I agree that we may see it in our lifetimes. See you on the Camino!
frank rawley
By the way I am new to posting is this just between us or readable by everyone on the forum?
Us or everybody? I honestly don't know. Private messaging is always an option, and perhaps preferable, eh?

If you have not yet walked some portion of The Way, you have a life-changing experience ahead of you. Pax.
Hello! Curious what route you ended up taking for your three day route near Barcelona. Specifically, did you hike up or down from the Montserrat Monastery and to where? Hope it was a good trip
I started 13 April 2017 in Seville and loved every step. Great weather and a perfect time to do it . A nice sprinkling of Pilgrims. Enjoy !
PS . You can still get the wine in a carton.


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