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Planning my next Camino. Camino del Norte. This will be my 5th having walked the Camino Frances twice, the Camino Catalan (from El Port de la Selva joining the Camino Frances at Logrono) and the Via de la Plata from Cadiz.
May well start in France (Le Puy) about March-April.
Morgan, I think YOU should walk whenever YOU and your partner want! Having said that I walked several phases in CF 2016, very early 3-4 AM to beat the heat in some areas. My biggest problems were finding the way since markings are rarely painted in neon or fluorescent paint. My recommendations: powerful flashlight with spare batteries for both of you; walking poles or sticks to ward-off unruly dogs, etc. Buen CAMINO!
Hey Pigly, I guess you’ll be digging out your winter macabi skirt soon :)
not till I have the bunks installed...
I have lost my Camino passport 30km from Santiago on the Camino Frances. My name and address are on the passport in a brown backpack.
Planning on the Camino Portuguese. Wanted to do it this year but required a medical procedure.
I have been home two weeks and am still walking the Camino in my sleep and dreaming about walkingbit when I am awake
Hi Jill, I hope can post an update on the last third of your Camino when you finish. You have quite a following with you amazing story. Take care, Tim
Tim I just posted and will keep it up. Amazing is a good word!
Likes: twh
Completed the CI in seven days. It was demanding walking 20k+ most days but arriving at the cathedral in Santiago is indescribable. The best part for me was being with my fellow pilgrims and the support they gave me. Thank you Magda, Laura, Robert, Will, Paco and his sister, Roberto, Ciera, Lola and Jenny. You were my Camino angels and you will walk with me the rest of my life
Hi there! *does secret Pacerpoler handshake* Hope you both had a safe and comfortable journey home and that the Post Camino Blues hasn't set in yet ... It was lovely to meet you, Linda & Ron
Hi, I have just joined the site, very excited! Has anybody any suggestions for a first camino for myself and my fit 80 year old mother? thanks
2017 Camino Frances from SJPP through Santiago to Muxia & Finisterre
Planning Camino del Norte for 2019
I just finisht the camino del northe. It was superfantastic. I recommanded to everyone who enjoy walking, sometimes ,alone and in the evening spent some time with other pilgrims. I met beautifull people. I had a great small guidebook with me, camino del northe: village to village map guide book. There are enought alberques to sleep and also a fieuw with donativo who I recommend.
Maggie, Just let me know if you need any further information on La Lana email me hlhrcr@hotmail.com. I did not post a list of the hostels I stayed at as this did not seem right on an open forum but I can supply the details if you want them. Likewise albergues both municipal and private . Overall this camino needed more planning than the others I walked, but I do rate it as the most rewarding to date. Regards, Don.
Hey there Mario!!!!
We already came and saw you in late March or early April!!!!!
I'm the American who had to go back to Lisbon and get new shoes!!!! You let my two daughters stay there while I did, and shared yummy crepes etc...!!! We LOVE you!!!! I think we stayed two days and didn't want to leave!!!!!
Thank you!
Hi Neve. Yes I remember you!!! and the crepes...
Hope to see you soon
Flights booked, Auckland to Porto in May 2019. Starting with a two week walk to see if the reality is close to the anticipation. Occasional walker from NZ. Largest walk before this was three nights on the Milford Track in NZ. Not anticipating that kind of terrain this time. The long countdown starts...
Grayland, as you shut it down, I was writing an answer. Please consider this before killing it.

I calibrate the meter. I am the measure of all things camino.!

Which is to say, everyone has his own measuring tape. Most people who are not saints or Zen masters constantly measure everyone else against themselves, with their own opinion as Standard.

It's why everyone loves to "rate" everything, and celebrity ball-
We are a group of 7 walking the Camino Norte in late May 2019. Looking for a list of albergues, and insightful suggestions and reflections.
Many kind thanks!
Can't wait to start my first Camino in 2019. Looking for advice and tips and tricks to get me through the planning and budgeting
This is David. We met in the information centre in Dublin today. Nice to meet you. Hope you got the other two sellos sorted out. You might like to check out the Camino Society's ezine at www.shamrocksandshells.com, which I edit. Buen and safe camino!
Looking for a rest stop in León. A hostel or hotel with a private room. Any suggestions?
Hostal San Martin is excellent. Well placed but no food on offer there however it's close to cafes and restaurants. Lovely clean rooms and bathrooms.
Dear Dave sorry to hear about your awful experience on the CF. I try to avoid it these days. But there are wonderful pilgrimage experiences to be had away from that maelstrom. Via de la Plata, Lebaniego, Salvador... all these places attract a completely different kind of pilgrim. I hope you can find a different route to Santiago in the future.
What are your suggestions for a first dinner in Porto? We are spending our first night in Porto before we begin our camino. We are staying near the cathedral.
Hi Karla. R u heading out on the 27th. I’ll be in Porto arriving 29 and 30 just exploring Starting oct 1 and doing the coastal path. Barb
Hi, I plan on starting the Camino in or near Ponferrada. October 4th approx. Anyone going to be in this area? thanks.
I walked in
2013:Camino del Norte from Irun
2014: Camino Frances from SJDP
2016: Camino del Norte from Irun
2017: Camino Portuguese from Lisbon
2018: Camino del Norte + Primitivo from Bayonne,
2018: leaving October 1: Camino del Norte from Santander to Ferrol - from Ferrol the British way.
How long would you need to walk (moderate fitness) from St Jean Pied De Port to Orrison. Arriving in St JpdP 4/06/2019.
Penny Kingma
Penny Kingma
Hi Hilary,
It’s only 8 kms to Orrison which sounds a short walk. The thing is it’s mostly up hill. It’s beautiful, but can be a little shocking. Take your time, sit and enjoy the view along the way. I think I took about 3 hrs because I took my time. Enjoy
Change after each evening shower. Think of buying soft insoles too. All the bits are in every pharmacy and also big supermarkets. Hope this helps
Buen Camino
Hi Val, sorry about you blisters on the soles of your feet. Adter shower use antiseptic wipe to clean, then pierce blister in two places and genrly push flat until completely emptied. Then apply antiseptic and cover with a large fabric plaster. Waterproof plasters don't stick well and make the skin sweat too. If too large for large plaster then use a square of non adhesive pad, cut to shape, and use strapping tape.
Would wish to share a glass or 10 with you again, Mike! It was a pleasant time together in SdC ! :-)
Mike Savage
Mike Savage
Three years until retirement for me then I could show up anywhere at any time. I hope our paths cross again.
Hi there
I'm doing the 2nd half of the Le Puy Chemin St. Jacques in October and starting in Cahors. Anyone going my way ?
Hi Elle, your Camino experience sounds great. I am heading off to do the Primitivo at the beginning of October. I am sure the weather may be disruptive but its all part of the 'journey'. Good luck with your pilgrimage(s), and thanks for the sharing. Patrick
Elle Bieling
Elle Bieling
We should be starting the Primitivo on the 30th of Sept or the 1st of October! Maybe our paths will meet! Look for me! Buen Camino!
Hi again. Did you complete the Portuguese ? Done it a few years ago. Just completed day one of the primitivo sore calfs but all part of it. Weather is great and the countryside brilliant. Enjoy the trip. Pat
Elle Bieling
Elle Bieling
I did the Portuguese Way, from Lisbon to SDC in the spring of 2017. https://www.pilgrimagetraveler.com/camino-portugues.html.

Glad you are enjoying the Primitivo.

We just ompleted the San Salvador the end of September, but i got tendinitis in my right knee really bad and couldn go onward to the Primitivo. Bummer. We had two more weeks so we flew to Crete instead. Now I am baskng in the sunshine and my knee is bet
Good morning. I see you are starting the Portugués coastal. I’m flying into Porto sept 29 and headed out to do the coastal October 1. Maybe we will cross paths? This is my first Camino. Buen Camino. Barbara
We Are headed out today leaving by bus tomorrow to Boston and off to Paris to make our way down to SJPdP. Feel free to follow our blog https://thejesuswalk.travel.blog

Buien Camino
So glad you had a beautiful day for Pyrenees views. Buen Camino! (I'm following your group on your blog).
deciding on mid April 2019 walk. 1. Camino Norte and connect with Primitivo, 2. Camino Olvidado then link with Primitivo, 3. Olvidado link to Invierno - any suggestions regarding choice -Thanks
Caminos Past: Del Norte, Portuguese, Primitivo, Fisterra (clockwise & anti-clockwise), Ingles, Via de la Plata, De La Lana, Levante, Chemin St. Jacques (Le Puy to Cahors)
SF SPP-SDC Apr-May 2014
SDC-Finisterre-Muxia May 2014
SP - Oporto-SDC Apr 2017
Plan Aragones & Primitivo Sept/Oct 2018
Hi, Seems you are the authority in choosing the right walking shoes...Where can I get your past posts on this matter?
Thank you.

Thanks for posting.

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