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Going alone and I'm scared! I'm getting ready to book a flight to visit the Camino for a second time. First time I was with a friend and we walked from O'Cebreiro. This time I will be alone and begin in Burgos in June. I am so scared to take this on alone. I keep talking myself out of it; then I'm excited; then I'm scared....The Camino was one of my favorite experiences, but my fear is taking over.
Good afternoon Ivar,

I'm contacting you with a request to change my username on the Forum, please. I like the one I have, but I figure that as I am "more of a "public figure" now given my role at Eunate and as a guide on the Camino, I should use my real name so that people can find me a little more easily. If you would, I'd like to change it to CJ Williams. Thanks very much for your help. Kind regards.
we are 6 ozzies also walking the madrid and invierno flying out of sydney on the 28th March i hope we run into you.
barry from Orange
Hi Barry @Froggy012
Your plan dates will probably be just right for this years weather! Good luck.
I’ll be too far ahead to see you all I think. That’s a shame. But hope I see how you’re going via the forum occasionally
Have a Buen Camino / you and your gang
AnnieSantiago, What is the website address for AnnieWalkers? Also, are you doing any walks in 2019?
Our address is www.anniecarvalho.weebly.com Yes, we're doing walks next season. We haven't yet decided where we'll walk. We definitely will do the Best of Both on the Camino Frances and a Slow Camino from Sarria to Santiago. But we're also considering the Aragones and the route from Lourdes. If you know someone who's interested, please send them my way. :)
Here I am in SJPdP, after all the planning and training I couldn’t help myself when I walked into the Pilgrim Office. I let out a huge Ye Ha!!!
Have already met some fascinating people - Steve and Laura fm Spokane USA and Joe fm Sydney plus quite a few others. Had a very pleasant dinner Sharing stories. So tomorrow it’s left foot, right foot, repeat. Have to go via. Valcarlos as top road close.
Changed my plans slightly. My son and I take the train from Santiago to Madrid on 15 May. On 17 May he flies home and I'm taking the fast train (1st time) to Barcelona. On 19 May I'm back in Santiago to start the hike to Finisterra and Muxia.
Hey Jersey, I found your amazing research and document on Google. I printed it but I cannot download it to Word or Excel. Any suggestions? We are 68 and 75 and will be older than that when we walk, so your information will make it possible...thank you so much! Maybe you could email the document??? I can put it on my phone, thanks, we will add to it.
We see your post on private and double rooms. Wondered if you could send us your work? thanks, Patti
Hey guys
I haven’t posted anything on private and double rooms.
You have the wrong guy. You should go back and double check who you are looking for. Buen Camino
Hi Ell,
I saw your recent post with a member named Andy. You shared that you cycled the Portuguese Camino, and I curious about how you went about doing it. route, distances done each day, general tips for lodging, tips. I will be in Lisbon on Sept 19th and plan to cycle from Lisbon to Santiago. I have 19 days for the trip. I'm in the very beginning of planning my journey, and am excited to plan. ~Ruth
I live in Albany, and will walk after I retire, in August-Sept. 2019. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
Happy for your upcoming retirement! Our Via Francigena walk is quickly approaching and we are getting excited! I will update as we are walking and we can always talk on the phone or you can meet my husband and I out for coffee upon our return. We would love to share our experience with you!
Hi Pong, I'll also be staying at the Valcarlos Albergue on March 23 so I'll look forward to meeting you!
Patrick Eibergen shared a group.
Yesterday at 7:25am
If you have heard about and become interested in the Ruta Dragonte, Brierley's third option out of the town of Villafranca del Bierzo, feel free to join "Friends of Dragonte" on facebook. Lots of information and stories about this challenging, historical and beautiful route.
Trying to understand the rhythm of eating...first cafe in the morning is breakfast? store bought food for on the trail? and bar/restaurant for dinner? Do most towns have a grocery store? I will probably walking for the month of May... does that impact what is available as far as eating establishments?
We will be celebrating my 60th Birthday when we arrive in Santiago and walking for charities that are very important to us! Hope to see you on the journey... look out for the Aus Open cap!
I start from Porto on 1 May '18 to Tui at which point my oldest son will join me to Santiago. We'll take a train and spend 3 days in Madrid at which point he flies home and I fly back to Santiago to hike to Finisterra & Muxia. Is it best to go to Muxia or Finisterra first? Thanks
Del Norte Irun to Santuago 2014
Ribadeo to Fistere 2015
Portuguese Lisboa to Santiago 2017 (Coastal)
Santiago Muxia Fustere 2017
How to get from Vigo to Sarria?
I'm walking from Sarria to Santiago starting 30th March. I fly into Vigo on 29th and am trying to figure out how to travel to Sarria. Any ideas?
Mark McCarthy
Mark McCarthy
Train from Vigo to Ourense and then Ourense to Sarria. Check www.renfe.com for times and prices and to pre-book tickets.
Via Francigena: Leaving home March 18 for 500 km only, up to Rome. After a 2-week rest with friends near Terni, we will walk 10 days starting around May 1 on some of the Assisi trails.
We're you at the Corriganville walk last sunday with the So Cal Camino group?
Olivia Covarrubias
Olivia Covarrubias
Hi, actually I'm not there yet. I'm in California and we are heading out in late May through the end of June.
I've been reading so many posts these past few months and all of the information is so helpful!! Thank you all :)
I do have a question. It may seem self evident but I'd really like confirmation...
How does one deal with a time change? My brother and I are beginning our pilgrimage in 2 months time. I am planning on gradually adjusting my walking hours to coincide with Spain's time. Am I planning correctly?
Greetings compadre...wanted to say I am really pleased with the Camino guide I bought. Very helpful and useful for planning. Also, I see you are in for company. Johnny Walker whiskey is to be joined by Jane Walker!!! Same stuff but different targeted audience.
2012 Astorga to Santiago
Summer of 2014 SJPP to Sarria
Summer of 2017 Primitivo to Finisterre to Muxia
Already changes to our plan! Plan reservations changed moving us up a couple of days. Fly into Barcelona, train to Pamplona and bus to SJPP on 5th, starting out from SJPP on the 6th!
Global explorer based in Hong Kong. You hvae nothing to fear except fear itself. Persist with courage, learn with passion, love with respect
Hello!!! Planning to walk on the Slovenian Mountain Trail this summer. I have one guide, the Cicerone one. It appears as if they break it down into 49 stages/days! I probably only have 30 days. So, I definitely want to explore the mid-section including the Julian Alps section. What do you think about the idea of starting near Bled and then continuing onto Ankaran? Or....should I be thinking to walk Maribor to Bled?
Hiked from Pamplona to Logrono in September 2017. Heading back in 2019 at the age of 71 to complete more of the Camino if my health holds out.
Thank´s for following me, you are my #1 follower!
my redundant word....thankfulness is mine!!!...they said u cant choose your follower but follower choice... wishing u making a great day!
I am starting out from SJPP on 18th March - is there is risk of bad weather on the first day to Roncesvalles - should I bring extra clothing that I can discard ? Thank you
Hi there, are you walking Canterbury to Dover with a group? I tried to make contact with one in Canterbury but never even got a reply.

May I ask when you'll be walking?


Jeff Crawley, Herne Bay, Kent.
Hey Kari, wondered if you had a blog or someway to read about your Portuguese camino.
Reading your description of the Spiritual way of the Portuguese I can tell I'd appreciate the kind of things you appreciate.
Thanks so much,
(would not let me finish message) If I see her I will let her know you are looking for her.

Hi Danny. I have asked around to find any contact details for Angela but everyone sais the same, she doesn't do facebook or anything like that. I know she spends a lot of time in Finisterra, and is often in the bar at La familia (The World Family), and I have seen you have posted there. So, sorry mate no luck I a afraid. I will be in Finisterra hopefully later this year, if I see here I will let her know you are look
Morning Ivar,
I am walking the camino in the hight of summer,July nad August,what is the heat going to be like,i go to the costa del sol quite a lot in summer so I know its hot, but is it as hot as it is on the del sol?
It might be... depends what camino you are walking as well
I will riding my second Camino, last year I cycled the French Camino, starting in Irun on the 8 of May, could anyone advise me which pathway I should avoid with a bicycle
We are avid walkers / hikers and plan our travelling around great places to walk. We have walked the Rota Vicentina as our first long distance walk in Feb 2017 and have a plan for Le Puy May/June 2019 and working out a time for Via Francigena possibly in two sections.
Wow, I joined this Forum in the Summer of 2012. It took until 2016 to start my first Pilgrimage as I was caregiving for my Mother. She wanted to go with me on the Camino. But at 90+, that could only happen after she passed. And she did come with me in 2016. But that was not thee year for me to complete the Camino Frances. My IT Band (left leg) knotted up so badly that I could not continue, on just the third day.
Arriving Irun April 26 to walk the Norte my first time. I thank all of you for your posts as the info has been tremendously helpful.
It's in Santiago de Compestela, and I would like to treat you to a night there as a reward for your blog efforts. How would that be?
Camino Frances in 2017 and on to Muxia and Finisterre
Hope to do Camino Portugues 2018 and revisit Finisterre


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