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Hi Bradypus, I am looking for advise or comments on the VF. I am thinking of walking the Via Francigena starting in Canterbury an advise / observation from your journey you are willing to share? I am thinking of mid March-June timing any reason you did your in the fall?
Want to walk Francés next year Sept and Oct. I'm female and will be 73. I'm fit but I'll need to stay in alberques, etc. Are lots still open then? A friend is considering joining me Nov 22 - 28. If so, I'd need to go the last 2 weeks of Oct and most of Nov with us walking together the last week. How daunting is the weather then? I read high temps in the 50's F and lows near freezing with lots of rain and snow.
Planning a Christmas day hike starting 5pm with hubby Hiking the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail which is 322km return trek, we will test our new UL camping/hiking gear in preparation for the Camino Levante for May 2020 & getting used to weight of long food & water carries which is also required on Levante. Have a safe and wonderful Christmas & New Year to all Camino members. HIKE ON...👣
I'll be doing another Camino April/May. I'll probably finish the Norte over to the Ingles although my first choice would be San Salvador and Primitivo. I had back surgery in August so it depends on how well I can get back into shape.
Rowena - Dorothy - This is Liz from the CP. How are you? How was the rest of your trip?
OK, Read a lot of the postings and watched tons of YouTube videos. Still very committed to go next June (2020) on the French Way. Now I for sure want to cycle a portion of the way, AND, if all possible go for one or a few days on horseback. So you seasoned pilgrims, would you be so kind to share some experiences, make some recommendations and/or give me some local resources you have used? THANK YOU!!!!!! :)
Hello everyone, I am planning to walk the Camino from Sarria to SC next April, I would very much like to go with a group on this first Camino, especially as I will 76 yrs old by then. What ALWAYS bugs me is when tour operators say 'from' £xxx and when you look into it, the actual cost is way WAY higher> A little bit of help here would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Tony
Hello all, being a new comer of Camino, I’m so glad that so many friends replied my previous questions and rest my mind.

Here, I got another question to ask:
During Nov to Dec, is there still daily backpacks transportation from albergues to next Albergues?
How much does it cost per day?
I should book it before last night, right ?
I got disc problem. Doctor suggested to use this transportation service.
I have just changed my 'status' and photo. I decided that the red heart (The logo of my charity) was more befitting Thank you.
Camino Frances, Camino Le Puy, Camino Portugues, San Salvador, Primitivo, Working through the Via de la Plata...
All of the above items are needed. I wore wool under garments, rain paints, plus pancho. I got wet, ut stayed warm with the merino. Buen Camino,,, CB Bikes
Already planning next year's Camino, from Santander onwards. Always onwards! September again. Next year I will be 80, and will be contemplating having my bags transported for the first time in what will be my seventh trip to Espana to walk. Hope my great health holds up.
Wanting to walk in 2021 after searing as a hospitalero so looking for a 2-3 week walk on a lesser known path any suggestions
Ola, all being well, I should reach SdeC on Thurs next, 17th Oct, which leaves me with 5 free days before my flight home on 23rd. I'm interested in going to/staying over in Finisterre and Muxia using public transport, not on foot! Advice on how I go about this would be welcome. I came across a company offering a day trip from SdeC to Finisterre and Muxia, 09:00-18:30, for about £31. Looking forward to your views.
Planning my 4th camino to Santiago de Compostela in 2020 via the Camino Portugues :)
Planning my third:) Have done the French route twice and now I wanna try the Portugues one. March - April 2020
Book your accommodation here at bothies, bed and breakfasts and all grades of accommodation providers... watch this space!
There is a wealth of accommodation on the North Highland Way, from bothies, to bed and breakfasts, to wild camping, to lovely four star hotels. Whatever you want, its there. The home of the North Highland Way on the web site has been moved to a new platform... see www.letsgoexploring.co.uk
Hi --I'm not sure if messages are private, or not!

Anyway, another Canadian! I'm from Vancouver, gradually migrating over to Portugal. Enjoy! Wonderful people and a rich, beautiful culture.

If you have French, it may help out with older Portuguese who don't speak English. Many of them learned French in school.

Have fun and bom caminho!

Faye Walker
Thank you! I function pretty well in French. I can certainly make out a lot of what is written in Portugues, but I have no ear for it (yet). Vancouver is also home, but I doubt I will ever return (housing prices)...

I am excited about this camino as I had planned on a week in Portugal at the end of my first CF in 204 and a calamity at home forced a change in plans.
Thanks again!
Friend from Barquinha
Friend from Barquinha
In the same situation as you: function pretty well in French; taking Portuguese here through the local cultural centre. Getting used to sounds takes a long time. A lot of cut-off beginnings and ends, +often doesn't sound at all like written!

But people are very forgiving, if you try, and really, other than the smallest villages, you'll find someone who speaks either English or French.

Have a great time!

hey Dave how are you mate ? i am recovering slowly. Ive had a fair few setbacks in my health but i am doing ok and will improve slowly but surely. I not sure when i can do a camino but i will do the camino ingles as my first camino and hope to do it with my wife and a friend :) hopefully in next few years :) how are you and your plans and your dad? God bless from Glenn Buen Camino
Hola mi nombre es Mariana Gil, a mi me encanta la naturaleza y por eso siempre tengo una Gravilla distinta en cada uno de los sitios a los que visito e incluso me dedico a hacer este tipo de trabajos a domicilio porque realmente me apasiona. Me pueden dar sugerencias sobre este tema.
Walked home from Santiago (missing the part between France and Scotland
The receipt of my new heavy duty batteries and my stuff previously stored by Ivar has increased my pack load too much. I investigated using Correos baggage forwarding but it looks like they don't service the Primitivo too well. So, I will probably come back next year to finish this years Camino project. So it will be back to Maine in two days.
Currently in Santiago, deciding whether or not to go back to Santander to continue the del Norte and then the Primitivo now that my all day video camera has batteries again
I have been walking for a month now.
Hi Johnnie,
You've helped me with queries before & I've downloaded your pdf of the Camino Portuguese but can you suggest where we can leave our car if we drive to Porto rather than fly? We are getting older & don't want to be tied down by flight schedules. Many thanks in advance
Japanese runner, Henro (pilgrim).
2006 Camino Frances(St. Jean PP]
2008 Camino Frances (Burgos- Santiago de Compostela)
2013 Camino Frances (Sarria - Santiago de Compostela)

2019 Camino Olvidado with my wife ( October 6th to 23rd)
Hola Elle, i admit i was warned!!! I arrived in Porto yesterday and today was my 2nd 2 Pasteis Natas day😋 you were so right!!! I have arrived in Matosinhos via the coast it was beauitful. Not sure if it was the time (left Porto at 8) or being Sunday but it was very busy. Thank you for your amazing website its been very helpful and inspirational. Dee
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Elle Bieling
Elle Bieling
Wonderful! Sorry I didn't answer sooner. I just finished walking the Camino Teresiano and am in Salamanca to stay the Via de la Plata from there! I hope you are continuing to enjoy the coastal Camino! It is one of my favorites. And the pastel de Mata - pure delight indeed! Buen Camino!
Very sad news. I recently came back from doing all El Camino Francés and thank God I made it ok.
May he Rest In Peace and my prayers go to his family.
We are currently walking on the Camino Portuguese and were upset by the arrival on Saturday morning of a bunch of quad bikers just North of Arcade. They tried to get onto the Camino, but a narrow steel bridge was too narrow for them. However about an hour later as we walked along (I am not sure of the exact town) we were overtaken by about twenty quad bikes roaring along the narrow camino. More to come
Thank you for your comment about a bike bell and safety on the footpath with pilgrims. I always use my bell and/or get off my bike and walk until the footpath is clear to pass on. Safety first ! CB Bike
That’s great thanks so much. I think there are lots of great riders like you out there. But I have likely avoided for a five near misses with bikes coming up very fast behind me and I had no idea they were there. That’s why I always strike a cautious tone. Buen Camino
Hello. I'm finding the newsletter a tremendous support while preparing to return to the Camino. A simple question, I hope. For my trip from Leon backwards to Mansilla de las Mulas from where I'll start walking, can I pay my fair in euros on the Alsa bus or do I need to buy the ticket in advance from a machine or online? It's only about 1.70 euros.
Just completed St Jean pied de port to belorado, crossing the pyrenees was my highlight and is a great achievement to all who have completed this trek.
Ahhhh Today recovering at home from a hospital stay instead of travelling on the "El Topo" narrow gauge train from Irun to Oviedo to start our leisurely Camino Primitivo. An unexpected medical event prompted cancellation of the whole plan. Rather downcast today, filling in time putting together a claim on my travel insurance. Haven't got round to unpacking my rucksack yet.
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So sorry...heal well, Bob.
Such a big disappointment. Take care, and may you soon be able to revisit your plans.
Planning for a short walk - the Augustine Way - in England at the end of 2019. Will walk from Rochester, where my son and his family now live, to Ramsgate via Canterbury.
New Credentials Procedure: Seems to be a new lottery-style credentialing system. We arrived Santiago on Saturday, Sept. 14 around 12. By 2:00, the office was no longer open to give credentials to arriving pilgrims. SO MANY people were devastated as they would not be able to return the next day to receive their certificates. PLEASE go directly to the credential office or plan to stay an additional day in Santiago.
Del Norte - April 12th 2020!
I’ll be walking del Norte from Castro Urdiales this coming Saturday. Hoping to get 9-10 days before coming back. Did the Aragon last year for my first time and loved it. Very much looking forward to this next stage. :)
Buen Camino! I can't wait for my turn on the paths from Irun. Hope you have the best of weather!
Does anyone know of a baggage transport service that takes backpacks from Pontevedra on the spiritual variante to Armenteira? Need assistance ASAP. Sincerest thanks! Tui Transport is a no go on the variente!☹
Caminofacil covers this route I understand
Just on a Camino Holiday retracing my Porto to Santiago adventure staying In Porto / Valenca / Vigo / Santiago De Compostela over 3 weeks Bliss ( Not walking this time using public transport) as seemingly most pilgrims are and none showing any signs of wear and tear not surprisingly I understand it’s ok from Porto To Valenca/ Tui but trust me it’s the same once you enter the last 100K absolutely amazed at it.
I'm curious, did you ever get to Half Dome? Did you make it to the top? I read in a report about a woman's death that there is now a restriction on the number of people who can hike the trail outfitted with the cables. It is only 50 per day.

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