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Hello @dougfitz. I have been missing your posts. Hope all's well. Cheers Lovingkindness
Its a long story, and the issues with one of the moderators aren't getting resolved. The positive part is I am on track to walk the St Olavsleden route starting in late June. I had thought I would walk it in 2014, but other bits of life got in the way.

I still lurk on the forum, and will PM from time to time.

Thanks for that, Doug. It's nearly June and you've been in my mind a lot lately. I'm glad you're still heading to Sweden. Cheers, LK
Hi Yaying! I wondered where you had gone as I hadn't seen any of your posts for a couple of months. Glad you are back! Everything allright? Camino Chris
Hello Camino Chris!
I've gone to a bit challenging force leave vacation back home for 2 months!
I'm sad also as i have promised to send a bit wonderful photo, but regretful nothing went well through!
Im very glad too to be back & viewing wonderful photos & reading with grateful heart in this forum daily basis except friday(hehehe)!
Thank you for asking me, you dont have any idea how uplifting your message was to me!
I plan to do Portuguese interior Camino from Porto in July as my first Camino walk. Is there a start point? Are there maps to follow? Thanks!
A mate and I will get to Roncevalles on Sep 7 and we can give you some down under friendship. Probably see you on the way. Tony
Jimmy mcgarry
Jimmy mcgarry
Hey dude we get to de port on the 7th Sept and be getting to roncesvalles on the 8th see you on the way
Likes: Blaster
Do I just look for the guy in the kilt? - is this your first CF and are you coming from Scotland? If I can help you on anything, just let me know - ps I have a great blister prevention/cure that earned me the nickname "Dr Tony of the Blisters" - it's the white smooth Leukoplast tape - can explain more if you want. TJ
Hi johnnie, it’s been many years since we have chatted.
I love the CSJ guides and have used the French guide, also the Portuguese, English and Finisterre/Muxia, they are wonderful.
I have just received my Camino Primitivo guide via mail. I am somewhat disappointed, I find it difficult to read / understand compared to the other guides, and find it very disapointing that the guide stops before Santiago. Is there a
Is there a way I could perhaps get a PDF copy of an older version? Or a section of the French way that’s is missing. Much thanks
I’ve heard great things about the wisepilgrim iPhone app. I had decided to buy the ‘primitivo bundle’ but in the AppStore it wouldn’t let me but it. It would let me buy each individually but not in the bundle. Do you know why this is happening? Is the wisely app really needed if I have the wise pilgrim one?
Much ranks
I need to send some items to Santiago from Burgos and have them stored in Santiago for two weeks. I need suggestions as to the best way to accomplish this.
Hello to all - I leave for Porto this Friday and hope to mail some stuff from the Porto Airport to Ivar for storage in Santiago. Do any of you know whether there is a post office at the airport and whether it will be open Saturday, May 19?



Just cut all my hair down to 1/4 inch, including beard. Start northern Camino may 21. Don’t have to worry about haircuts, combs, or other grooming, I normally am concerned about. Just me and the walk.
Tomorrow the last day of walking in Austria (for now), over 425 km walked on the Jacobsweg
Good for you my wife and I are planing to walk the St. Jacobswege in 2020. Can you recommend any youtube channels or books on the walk. We walked the Camino Frances in 2016 and would like to walk Wien to Spain over time. Thanks
Changed 3rd.Camino Santiago to Sept 5 flight,with the "Blessing of Sat Guru Amma". Night in Madrid, Trains,etc to St J.PdP.
6 Oktober 2018 starting in SJPDP....20 days of walking ahead !!‍♀️
Shall I stop in Orisson or walk to Roncesvalles
Hi fellow pilgrims have just arrived back to australia after a wonderful camino from sarria to santiago a few tips I learnt, take less backpack was osprey 36 and just over 6 kgs could have cut down medication, clothing was sufficient, didn't wear shorts as too cool. Walk less kms each day feel good and do too much so I have had painful legs since finishing. Pilgrim menu was great and accomodation really good, more p
Buenos dias / Bom dia, Ivar:

I appreciate the nice website and camino forums you provide. They are very useful.

My question pertains to the small green corner that sporadically appears and disappears from the upper left corner of various users' icons.

Most icons do not have one but my icon has had one continuously for about two to three weeks. What does that signify? Am I on a watch list? If yes, why?
Thank you Ivar. Now I understand. You have a very good, well organized, and pleasing website.
Perry, my alerts tell me that you wrote something on my profile. I am ashamed to say that after years on the forum, I still do not know how to access my own profile. I do not want you to think that I am rude by ignoring you . so please try to start a conversation. I used to be able to do that, No guarantee that I still can!!!
Camino Frances (2011 & 2014), Camino Ingles, Camino del Norte (Costa & Primitivo), Sanabres( x 2) Portugues (from Lisbon), Porugues (Tui x 2), Torres (October 2018)
Hi Jose luis
when you have more information on "Camino Torres" please start new post on the Camino Torres forum as I'm sure all those who have done it would like to see it!
jose luis
RodlaRob, As you know there is very little documentation on the web about Camino Torres, I have all the needed info from tracks (GPS) covering the stages, distances to lodgings (hotels, inns, Albergues, etc), most of it obtained from posts on Ivan's forum
I am not good at writing but I shall follow your suggestion once I complete the pilgrimage.
Regards from Manila, Philippines
Running a little late but will be arriving in St Jean at around 1900 on the 15th may. Anyone know where I'm best to get a bunk for the night?
Here it begins, On Thursday morning we head for Edinburgh Airport arriving in Santiago and making our way to Sarria to start our Camino. So if you see three oldies and hear our Scottish accents please say hello. Hope to meet to many on our way.
Hi every one, today I am leaving San Antonio, Texas to Madrid with a stop over in London. May 13 and 14 Madrid to work on the jetlag then off to San Sebastián on May 15. May 16 San Sebastián to SJPD, and start El Camino on May 17. Any news on the train strike, would I have any trouble getting to SJPD, I already bought train tickets but not certain if I will be able to hop in train.
Buen Camino.
Does that train from San Sebastian go to Bayonne first and then on to Saint Jean?
If so, I believe the train from Bayonne to Saint Jean isn't running due to track repair.
Starting my first Camino June 6th from Porto to Santiago. I see mixed messages on how well the coastal route is Marked....any comments from people who have recently completed.
Good morning fellow Pilgrims. To anyone on the Camino at the moment, can you post a little about the weather please. Us Brits are obsessed with it :) Leaving Sunday for Burgos. Happy Days.
Thinking of changing to Norte after 15 days of CF. Although I am enjoying the CF, I thought I would try the Norte for my last week in Spain. My problem is that I can’t find accommodation in San Sebastian or Bilboa to start there. My train will arrive around 9pm. I read that accommodation can be a challenge and not sure if the cold and rain will be a problem for me. I am not used to either.
Dear Forum Members,
I am planning to walk the Via de La Plata next October and I am considering including the part from Cadiz to Seville (Via Augusta)

I am looking for a GPX file to install in trekking app

Meanwhile I would also appreciate any information about this part of the Camino which for me is still little known.

Thank you for your help,

Ray (Malta)
Trying to find a group of ladies to walk the Camino with.. traveling from Las Vegas and would like to go in October time frame.. Would like to start Saint Jean Pied de Port..
How busy will the coastal and central routes of the Camino Portugues be during mid-June. Will I need to book the accommodation in advance?
In mid-June you won't have any problems, apart from (possibly) at the weekend if you're in a coastal town and it's really hot, as the Portuguese often try to escape from the heat if they live inland.

You'll be fine, though, I guarantee.
Hello Emma,
I'm a chef and also a waiter and I'm looking for a job on the Camino
keep in touch if You still have got a possibility... thnx&regards Anton
Hi Bill my name is John Cunningham and I will be the priest in Santiago when you arrive, please keep in contact and let me know if you have any requests whilst here see you then blessings John
Caminho Portugues Santarem- Porto, then Porto-SDC (partial), 2015; CF 2016, Le Puy to Moissac plus 2 days 2017.
Heading into last 2 nights into Santiago on the Frances. Any favorite accommodations?
We are finding difficulty with all transport [train, bus or air], out of Santiago on Sunday 14 October 2018 to Toulouse. How far can we book in advance on trains, busses or flying out of Santiago?
Hello, Gerard, just wondered how far you've got, and if Linda, Tanja and Tara are still with you. The weather over here in UK is beautiful - and I'm already planning my next Camino trip.
In London now and fly to Biarritz on 7 May. Overnight in St Jean then the adventure really begins! (up to now it has been preadventure. Feets don’t fail me now.
Confirmed my flights, the bike is pretty much ready, bustill looking for fellow pilgrim to join me at any stage of the route, will be leaving Pamplona on or about the the 15th of June (2018), hoping to get to Leon by the 21st of June at the latest,and on to Santiago by the 27th of June.
If you’ve got a bike and you’d like to share the road or a bottle of wine along the way then let me know,
All the best

Hi, i see this thread is quite old but if i could get a copy would really be appreciated.


Thanks again
I really cannot work out how to reply to comments! I hope this is it! Luckily we had booked our return via boat from Santander to Portsmouth and we were able to change the date at no charge. Compared with the cost of finding somewhere suitable to rest up for a week or so in Leon, its not easy in albergues that want you out by 8am, going home was the cheapest option.
I leave Orkney on Saturday to travel to Leon to start the Camino as a pilgrim. Those travelling further, please bear with me as a novice, I will ask a lot of questions. I am excited and nervous. This is my first trip away from my family as a solo traveller. I am nearly 60 and I can hardly contain my excitement. I have found this forum has both reassured me and given me concerns. I am indebted to all who have posted.
Hi All. Cycling Camino from Leon in the fall due to time constraints at time of booking. I am 56 and 3/4 and working hard to get prepared. Not a cyclist at heart, but comforted by the knowledge of a back up transport (aka Loser cruiser, nana-van y'all know right? !) . Its all a little pricey really. I really want to do this the authentic way, and am reconsidering the walk. Easier? or not
Last summer, my ten weeks of walking only got me as far as León. This summer, I’m finishing the Camino from León, and this time my dad and some friends are coming with me!
I’m in Madrid and tomorrow I will continue The Camino from where I stopped in Logroño last year.
I hope someone can help me, yesterday at Madrid airport I withdrew cash from an atm, using a travelx travel card loaded with euros. I withdrew 200€ and that’s what I got in cash. But on my account says the withdrawal was 239€. I can’t understand what happened, can anyone help me, I’ve effectively lost $62 aud.
I leave Sydney on 8 May with Qatar via DOH, land in Madrid AM 9 May, travelling to Pamplona for the night, then onto SJPDP on 10 to start the Camino on Friday 11 May. Cheers Pete
We completed the Francés in July 2015 and are happy to report we are returning as hospitaleros for 2weeks just west of Sahagun July 1-15 then on to walk the primitivo. I will have lots of questions in the next few weeks concerning the primitivo.
Camino Francis 2007
Camino Portugales 2015
Camino del Norte 2017 (first half)
Hi Thomas, I see you're looking at SIM cards, Aus Post has a Travel Sim for $25 with 1GB of data at the moment. Might be worth checking out if you're still considering options. Pete
Cheers mate, don’t really know if it will be necessary though. I was thinking about getting one, but then thought I could just wait and use WIFI when I find some.
Leaving Sydney on May 9th, Paris and st Jean for one night each, and then off we go!
What’s your plans?
I'm from Ashcroft BC. I want to go next May/June to del Norte. I have read that more than half the route is on pavement. When I see theaches, is it not possible to just walk along them from town to town?
Hey Ashcroft!! I raised my kids in Hope BC!! Now live in S. India. I'm walking 3rd Camino Santiago, leave here 5 Sept. Buen Camino!!
I am almost finished the Via de la Plata! I made it to the highest point today and tomorrow will enter Galicia at A Gudiña I have to say it’s been harder than I expected. It is quite wet underfoot but totally enjoyable
Finns här någon svensk, canadensisk, amerikan, dansk eller islänsk som gick samtidigt som oss?
Cycling Barcelona to Santago via Pamplona and the Camino Frances

Dear all, I started riding this route on 2018 04 18 and we should be in Santiago about 2018 05 05

You can follow this trip with daily posts to cyclingtillwedrop.wordpress.com

With best
28 Apr. I’m in Madrid awaiting for my connection to Porto. I begin hiking on the 1st of May.
i will be leaving Porto .around May 5. still deciding on the coast route part way or other..anyone else perhaps want someone to walk part way with ..please let me know ..Thank you
Leave Sacramento to Porto this Fri 27 April. Begin walking 1-14 May Porto to Santiago. 15-18 May visiting Madrid (train). 19-25 walking Santiago to Finisterra & Muxia.
Depart Sacramento to Porto this Fri 27 Apr. Begin Camino walking on 1 May from Porto to Santiago. 15-18 May visiting Madrid and then on 19 May begin walking from Santiago to Finisterra & Muxia.
In 2016 we walked from Leon to Santiago and in May would like to walk the French way and finish in Leon to complete our Camino. Where is a good starting point in France. We have 2 weeks but happy to walk 30 kms a day


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