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LOL! He does seem to closely monitor the state of affairs here, but either way you got your point across here in the U.S. and I couldn't agree more with you on your point. Who ever this "hag" might be (Angela or not) she/he is wrong for destroying someone elses property. Move forward and do not allow their bad behavior to effect your day. Cheers !
Camino Portugues from Valenca 9/6/18 completed 14/6/18 in time for the Pilgrim's Mass at noon. I was surprised how emotional it was to arrive at the Cathedral. I am so glad I did this. Not ticking off boxes but I'm already thinking about the next.
Het i start the Norte on the 29th of August, maybe we meet on the way. Its my firts camino and first time travelling alone. Anyway...Buen camino
Hello, I’m Jan from Holland. I left my country at the half of may by ebike and a trailer. I did the West coast of France and now I’m in Bayonne. Tomorrow I intend to visit San Sebastián for a couple of days. From there I like to follow the coastal line to Santiago. If somebody likes to join me, feel free!
With warm regards,
Hello, I’m on my way to Santiago from Holland with an ebike. Now I’m in Bayonne. Tomorrow I intend to visit San Sebastián for a couple of days. From there I will follow the North-West coast of Spain to Santiago. If somebody likes to join me, feel free. With warm regards!!
I am a yoga teacher & was for years a long-distance runner. Now I would have trouble running a half-marathon without stopping a few times to rest me knees, hips. My will & determination are strong! I have lots of questions and lots of friends who've walked the Camino. A little confused with how to decide on the route that will suit me. Plan is to spend 4 weeks on the trek. Response is welcome.
I need help figuring out if I have to have a Visa. I am traveling from the United States and I don’t think I do but my information I’ve found online is confusing with the new rules that President Trump has placed on foreign travel.
Hi, I found this : Spain is a party to the Schengen Agreement. This means that U.S. citizens may enter Spain for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay. ... Visit the Embassy of Spain website for the most current visa information.
I am Canadian so I have never had to get a visa i the past.
Which shoes to hike?
I did Camino Norten hike 17.4-25.5. 2018.
I had six-year-old winter shoes in Finnish Sievi Oy.
They work really well with no kind of abrasions or bladders.
Never go to walks with new shoes if you do not want any trouble.
Thank you for selecting to 'follow' me, carmenines. I hope I don't disappoint or bore you as I never post anything when I am on the Way. I don't have a blog or web address. Sorry - but I'll do my best with anything I post on this site. Love, Light & Nature to you. Keith
Last Wednesday afternoon at your home was so very wonderful. I loved being with You, Miska, Allan ( alias David) and Fred. It was a lovely service, an awesome meal and wonderful Fellowship. I hope to see you this afternoon.
Would you mind terribly telling me why you recommend the Camino Levante? How many days did it take you? Thanks.
Are you thinking of walking it? it can take up to 6 or 7 weeks..and you have to understand that could be alone all that time, there are plenty of towns or villages, but no pilgrims...maybe 1 or 2 by chance
My biggest reward was sleeping in a broken down old castle in the middle of nowhere.
I can take some time to get used to CPAP and a fair bit of fiddling with the pressures but worth it. Apnea can lead to other illnesses. As a currently ex sufferer you have my sympathy and best wishes.
If you are ever near Barkly Ave Mt Macedon give us an e/m
Live in Carlton , have a cottage there , with a nice arrow on post.
Keep well, David
Owned Yandina Hotel from 1989 when we purchased off Bondy to 2007 when we sold to the leasee who also ran the Wombye Hotel. You live in a great area. Take your time , enjoy the good beds as well as the albergues.
Geoff Shepherd
Geoff Shepherd
Mate, I’m just up the road at Eumundi. Have had a few cold ones at your pub. A great spot. Woombye sama sama. Looking forward to my first Camino very much. Cooee.
Any recommendations for a hostal in St Jean de Luz?, I’m walking with my daughter

Muchas Gracias
Took a short day only 19k to puenta la reina and after a recommendation stayed in the albergue santiago apostol it was up a steep hill over the bridge but absolutely worth it with vegetarin options on the pilgims menu and a relaxed atmosphere i feel like ive had a rest day walk those few extra metres
Is there any app recommended for keep track in my Cel phone?
Gracias, Merci, Thanks
Just bought a ticket to Toulouse, leaving in 7 days and don't even have a backpack, nor hiking shoes yet. What was I thinking?
Just make sure everything is very lightweight, and don't pack too much. Good shoes are the most important, and a raincoat/poncho/pack cover. If you are traveling by air, buy walking sticks in SJPP instead of having to check them on the plane.
Walking from Porto to Santiago was extraordinary! Silence is always so beautiful. And meeting other pilgrims was a joy!
I waited for the compostela for 2hours in line, and that was so good, because there was sharing, meeting, laughing,and a sense of togetherness.

I will return to walk the CF....no doubt❤️
In the past 20 months, my husband and I have walked the Frances and Via Podiensis ... we're in love! It's our perfect way to spend our holiday weeks from Aus! We're tossing up which one to do next year .... Norte or Portuguese. Any feedback to help us make our decision?
Hello Iwik..you know Prebbleton? I am English but i worked in Prebbleton abut 15 years ago :) Are you the Dutch lady by any chance?
Hi Russel, yes I'm the Dutch one in disguise (Elma).
Ah ...so you are hiding in NZ? what did you do so bad in Holland? :)
I start in St. Jean on 4th September, this time I am walking with my Nephew, his first time. I have already booked the Orisson as it was a very memorable stay there last time I walked .
My husband and I are now in Ponte da Lima having spent last night at Casa da Fernanda house. We enjoyed the best experience of the camino. Such a loving heartfelt welcome from Fernanda and her family and a wonderful evening spent with with fellow pilgrims. We are loving our journey. Thankyou all who helped by answering my questions and especially to Albertinho for organising our stay with Fernanda.
Hi Gitti @gittiharre I will be walking the Le Puy Camino in 2019. Could you please email me your list of Gites to stay? This will be my first Camino. Thank you crystalkolt@gmail.com
Hi. I just have an itinerary of places we stayed in in 2012...a bit old now. Email me at harregitti@yahoo.co.nz
Happy to share it. Off to Spain tomorrow to walk Madrid and Salvador Routes.
This coming July I am doing the coastal route of the Portugal Camino on my own (it's my first Camino). I have a wedding in Gibraltar at the end of the walk. Advice please on the best way to get from Santiago to Malaga? I plan on staying one night in Malaga. Also what is the best way to get from Gibraltar to Malaga to catch a 1am flight back? It's been hard to find clear information on bus services.
Hi I am hoping to walk from Bilboa to Santander from second week in June, Anyone suggest the best route? I am leaving a little late but hope I can get some help here , thanks
Walked the Camino Frances from SJPP to Santiago in March/April/May 2018. Hopelessly and happily addicted to it
Hello @dougfitz. I have been missing your posts. Hope all's well. Cheers Lovingkindness
Its a long story, and the issues with one of the moderators aren't getting resolved. The positive part is I am on track to walk the St Olavsleden route starting in late June. I had thought I would walk it in 2014, but other bits of life got in the way.

I still lurk on the forum, and will PM from time to time.

Thanks for that, Doug. It's nearly June and you've been in my mind a lot lately. I'm glad you're still heading to Sweden. Cheers, LK
Where do I obtain a credential for the Chemin d’Arles. Is one available specifically for this route?
Hi Yaying! I wondered where you had gone as I hadn't seen any of your posts for a couple of months. Glad you are back! Everything allright? Camino Chris
Hello Camino Chris!
I've gone to a bit challenging force leave vacation back home for 2 months!
I'm sad also as i have promised to send a bit wonderful photo, but regretful nothing went well through!
Im very glad too to be back & viewing wonderful photos & reading with grateful heart in this forum daily basis except friday(hehehe)!
Thank you for asking me, you dont have any idea how uplifting your message was to me!
I plan to do Portuguese interior Camino from Porto in July as my first Camino walk. Is there a start point? Are there maps to follow? Thanks!
A mate and I will get to Roncevalles on Sep 7 and we can give you some down under friendship. Probably see you on the way. Tony
Jimmy mcgarry
Jimmy mcgarry
Hey dude we get to de port on the 7th Sept and be getting to roncesvalles on the 8th see you on the way
Do I just look for the guy in the kilt? - is this your first CF and are you coming from Scotland? If I can help you on anything, just let me know - ps I have a great blister prevention/cure that earned me the nickname "Dr Tony of the Blisters" - it's the white smooth Leukoplast tape - can explain more if you want. TJ
Hi johnnie, it’s been many years since we have chatted.
I love the CSJ guides and have used the French guide, also the Portuguese, English and Finisterre/Muxia, they are wonderful.
I have just received my Camino Primitivo guide via mail. I am somewhat disappointed, I find it difficult to read / understand compared to the other guides, and find it very disapointing that the guide stops before Santiago. Is there a
Is there a way I could perhaps get a PDF copy of an older version? Or a section of the French way that’s is missing. Much thanks
I’ve heard great things about the wisepilgrim iPhone app. I had decided to buy the ‘primitivo bundle’ but in the AppStore it wouldn’t let me but it. It would let me buy each individually but not in the bundle. Do you know why this is happening? Is the wisely app really needed if I have the wise pilgrim one?
Much ranks
I need to send some items to Santiago from Burgos and have them stored in Santiago for two weeks. I need suggestions as to the best way to accomplish this.
Hello to all - I leave for Porto this Friday and hope to mail some stuff from the Porto Airport to Ivar for storage in Santiago. Do any of you know whether there is a post office at the airport and whether it will be open Saturday, May 19?



Just cut all my hair down to 1/4 inch, including beard. Start northern Camino may 21. Don’t have to worry about haircuts, combs, or other grooming, I normally am concerned about. Just me and the walk.
Tomorrow the last day of walking in Austria (for now), over 425 km walked on the Jacobsweg
Good for you my wife and I are planing to walk the St. Jacobswege in 2020. Can you recommend any youtube channels or books on the walk. We walked the Camino Frances in 2016 and would like to walk Wien to Spain over time. Thanks
Changed 3rd.Camino Santiago to Sept 5 flight from India, with the "Blessing of Sat Guru Amma". Night in Madrid, Trains,etc to St J.PdP.
6 Oktober 2018 starting in SJPDP....20 days of walking ahead !!‍♀️
Shall I stop in Orisson or walk to Roncesvalles
Hi fellow pilgrims have just arrived back to australia after a wonderful camino from sarria to santiago a few tips I learnt, take less backpack was osprey 36 and just over 6 kgs could have cut down medication, clothing was sufficient, didn't wear shorts as too cool. Walk less kms each day feel good and do too much so I have had painful legs since finishing. Pilgrim menu was great and accomodation really good, more p
Buenos dias / Bom dia, Ivar:

I appreciate the nice website and camino forums you provide. They are very useful.

My question pertains to the small green corner that sporadically appears and disappears from the upper left corner of various users' icons.

Most icons do not have one but my icon has had one continuously for about two to three weeks. What does that signify? Am I on a watch list? If yes, why?
Thank you Ivar. Now I understand. You have a very good, well organized, and pleasing website.
Perry, my alerts tell me that you wrote something on my profile. I am ashamed to say that after years on the forum, I still do not know how to access my own profile. I do not want you to think that I am rude by ignoring you . so please try to start a conversation. I used to be able to do that, No guarantee that I still can!!!


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