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Just booked my flight to Bilbao, traveling by train to Irun to start the Norte, arrive in Bilbao on the 15th March and starting from Irun on the 16th of March. This will be my fourth Camino 2 x Frances From SJPdP and 1x Portugues from Lisbon. Hopefully lock down has not destroyed my legs too much still time to warm up and get fit. Look forward to meeting all the perigrenos.
Arrived in Santiago today! Amazing journey. I started out 30+ km per day and then slowed my pace. The Camino showed me my fervor. It also showed me my limits & taught me to slow down. I’ve learned so much and received so much on the Camino. Today I got my Compostela very quickly, got some food, & now I’m in my hotel room letting myself absorb it all. Thanks to everyone on this forum who were so supportive! 💖
Help…Please. Santiago to muxia to finisterre
tonya w
tonya w
Three of my reservations have canceled on my trip muxia to finisterre From Santiago Starting on November 6. I am new to the Camino I have PTSD and need a room of my own. Is anyone able to assist with putting together a new route?
Tonya, I'm sorry that happened.
Deep breath. You've come to the right place.

If you post your question on as an open thread, you'll likely get some help with this. Just click on 'forums,' then you'll see an orange button that says 'post a new thread' - just follow the drop down menu from there.
Bob -- We met Terry on the Camino this AM (Weds 20 Oct) coming out of Astorga. She commented that she uses this Forum and I brought up your user name. She knows you, has replied/commented to some of your posts. Her user name is OTH86. Congrats on entering Santiago tomorrow! We're expecting more pilgrims after Sarria, disappointed you found this to be true to the max. Nuts. Buen Camino to you and Cindi!
Hi Doug! Good to meet you all as well! However ... would appreciate removing & not using my last name, or too much info about me and my experiences ... just a quirk 😊 thanks so much!!
Can you give me the email or link you used to get your reservations at Montserrat?
We very much would love to spend the night at the Monastery before we begin walking.
Caligal, I see you walked the Camino in 2018 during April/May. What was the weather like in May? I know it varies from year to year, but just looking to get a general idea. Thanks, Luke Martinez
Wow bet that was a shock, I remember it happened to a New Zealand girl on the Frances.
Stay safe, don’t let it ruin your experience, also don’t walk late on your own


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Indeed it was a shock. That’s good advice, thank you
Back at the forum after a 3 year break. Life happened, kids got married, Covid planning CF #5 Can't wait for June 2022 !!!!
Great couple of days hiking from Sarria to Portomarín to Palas de Rei. Weather has been incredible! A bit chilly in Palas de Rei last evening. If you get a chance to overnight here highly suggest having dinner at Resturant Castro….it was amazing!
I'm thinking of an overnight in Bayonne next time (2023 I'm afraid). I'd be very interested as to your impression and place to stay if good. ---)
Hey Richard. Nice to have met you today on the flight, having seen you previously on the forum. Good luck with the new property and your new life on the Camino trail. Rick
Sorry everyone to report the end of Casa Susana Donativo. I am waiting in the UK until February to reunite with my family in Sydney. Meanwhile a little exploration of my parents home country. Been Camino to all
I'm taking the bus from Muxia to A coruña on Saturday. I did not realize I would be able to do that from here and thought I would have to go back to Santiago. Oh my God books and other information is there. Do you have any type of guide you can provide for walking from A Coruña?
Thank you John,
Look at the forum of the camino Ingles and you’ll find lots of info starting in a Coruña
I live in California and will be traveling in the latter part of May and finish sometime in June.
I would like to gather some information on the weather at that time of the year. I thought perhaps the last two weeks of May and finishing the Camino in June. I expect some rain, but does it rain a lot in May? I would appreciate any input, thank you, Luke
I should have included that I am going to walk the Camino Frances.
We are in Puente La Reine. Today we finished Day 4 of our Camino (we began in St. Jean PdP). Good weather! Lots of sun. Wind, too, on the high part. I know why all the wind turbines are up there. Enjoying the weekend Camino crowd and looking forward to more time on the Camino.
Currently doing the Camino del Norte and enjoying every little second
Have you arrived at Oviedo yet? Planning the Primitivo and looking to connect with pilgrims doing similar / same route…
No, just left Santander
Flashed by gross man on the Camino today! Any other pilgrims walking from Porto? Feeling a little uneasy!
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@indiabareett I hope you're sorry that happened to you.
If you post this as a thread opener, you'll get more replies. Just hit the "post thread" from the Forums page and follow the prompts.
Walking #viadelaplata #VdlP
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I wish you a good start and a buen camino. I shall be following soon. Any info on availability at albuergues will be greatly appreciated.
Dear peb, I was wondering if you could recommend a town to stop overnight between A Couña and Bruma to break that long (34km) and moderately strenuous (uphill) stage into two. I am oscillating between Carral and Saradons but am unable to find accommodations on Thanks very much.
OMGoodness. So glad you are following. I want to bike the Channel Islands next year. Cheers
Hi David. Do you still sell camino stuff? I can't remember where to find it.
Hi - sorry, no, I closed me Ebay store when lockdown started as all sales completely disappeared and it was costing me to keep it open (Ebay subscriptions). Sorry - maybe one day if the Camino ever fully opens again and the world becomes normal I will open it - but doubt that.
Was there something specific that you were looking for? I might be able to help you find it.
Best wishes
Does anyone know if a return plane ticket, back to the USA where our journey will originate, is required for entry into Spain? We want to hike the camino but leave our finish date open ended. Thank you.
Hi! I’ll be walking from SJPDP starting on 9/28 and walking as far as Belorado. Then I need to get to Madrid for an Oct 11th departure date home to US. What is a good place to “peel off” and catch a train and/or arrange transportation to a train or flight to Madrid from this area? Thanks!
I'm walking the Camino Invierno, leaving Ponferrada on October 16, 2021. Anyone else planning to walk around that time? Buen Camino!
I'll be a little ahead of you - leaving Ponferrada Oct 8.
Great! Are you staying at Carpinteriras in Rodeiro? I have tried to reach them but they have not responded. I am booking a few places ahead of time and the rest while on the way. I am very excited to be walking this route!
Traveling from Spain to France for Camino Frances: will it be better to go via San Sebastián or via Pamplona to St. Jean-Pied-de-Port? One bus from Pamplona will be simpler. Is it worthwhile to visit San Sebastián?

We’re from USA, vaccinated, walking from St. Jean-Pied-de-Port to León beginning Sept. 22. Flying in and out of Madrid.
We had a wonderful camino from León to Santiago in 2019.
dick bird
dick bird
If you're flying into Madrid, via Pamplona is probably simpler. We've done it. One bus to Pamplona, then one bus to SJPdP. San Sebastián is OK, but I can think of lots of other Spanish cities that have more to offer. It's a smart seaside resort basically.
Great information; thank you!
Please, fellow pilgrims...Leave No Trace as you walk your Camino. I was sad to see so many tissues and wipes lying on the ground where people stepped off the route to relieve themselves. Let's take better care of God's beautiful creation.
Pamplona to Burgos in 2012, Frances in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018 and half in 2019. VdLP in 2020... Got to Spain and had to turn around and leave. Currently finishing my 2019 Camino.
Hello Ivar
I wonder if you may be able to help me. I am going to walk Camino Ingles starting 27th September. I expect to be in Santiago about 4th October. I wanted to do some volunteering after I finished. I have emailed and telephoned ACC but had no response. Do you possibly have any contact details for anyone at ACC who could help me? Vince
We walked on the Camino Frances in 2019 when we were in France. We are also on the Camino de Santiago right now. We walked on the beach at Salinas, and also went to Cudillero. Fantastic walking and scenery. We are staying in Nubledo. Under rated and cute but no bar or shop!
Booked day 0 and day 01 accommodations for Primitivo! Always planned to book the first night but wanted to play it by ear, or by foot in this case, and see what I was able to walk on the first day and each day thereafter. However, this is an odd year (apparently, I wouldn't know as I've never done this before) and I thought better safe than sorry. At least for the first few days until I get a feel of the camino.
Starting my Camino Frances in SJPP on the morning of September 22. Gord
El Gordo
El Gordo
Dear Fellow Camino Pilgrims,

I am in Legrono and my brother Pilgrim McGee from London has lost a bracelet given to him by his daughter Mia - it is brown leather and weaved with “B” & “M” engraved on silver.

If you find it or know of it please respond at it is very momentous to my friend Bren who misses his daughter Mia.

Thank you from my heart,

Live on the Camino de la Plata at Montamarta
David Hobson
David Hobson
Feel slightly guilty now, guide reported my new nights stay at Casa rural el Molina de Castilla was 20 euros, its a wonderful respite stop, with pool, the lady said 30 euros. I was hesitant. I'm the only person here, I'm here sole income. Sorry.
I'm staying for two days to rest and with flights and coach travel jumping me to Salamanca, to slow down. Last night in Zamora was good but crowded for me.
Live in Zamora. 30km today. I'm still, because of my flight and planned rail journey, trying to slow down. But Municipal albergue half way, not open. So, no choice but to continue. Booked new accommodation tomorrow in Monamarta, with pool, could stay a few days.
Starting on August 26 from St Jean Pied de Port with Greg Tyler. Yahoo! We will be blogging on my site to centralize the information in one location.

My youngest sister and I are doing the Norte in October and I would love to surprise her with a very special passport. How much would you like for 2 of them?
We walked the Camino Frances in 2212. We're moving to Porto from the US in January 2022. Planning to do the Camino Portugues the following year.
Hi fellow pilgrims would love to join you all on a Camino, Portuguese would be great . we were all booked for last May but covid struck and we are unable to leave Australia so may be one day,
Hi Lisa! Planning to tune into the Zoom session. Have 3-4 questions for the group. leave for France 31 Aug. Begin SJPDP 4 Sept
1. Process to get Compostela, since Covid?
2. Bag transfer
3. Bus Biarritz airport to Bayonne
4. Credential for Finisterre/Muxia
Lisa HS
Lisa HS
Hi Lynn. Sorry I didn't see this until just now. I don't look at the Forum that often, and even less often check personal messages sent via the Forum. I think you got all your questions answered in our Zoom, right? Also, according you your schedule here, you be right now in either Orisson or Roncesvalles! I hope you Zoom in this Tuesday from wherever you are.
Author--WALK: Jamie Bacon's Secret Mission on the Camino de Santiago. A history, mystery, and travel tale about the missteps, adventures, and heroism of an American boy who walks the Camino with his home schooling family. Adults love it, too.
Dear Ivar,

The link re. continuing with advertising on the site does not appear to be working.
When I read a post that has every day planned for the entire walk, I wonder what the motivation is to walk the Camino. Religious, your life in transition, because it is there?

Just go and start walking. The Camino is a wonderful experience. One in which you will learn something about yourself.

Best regards,
Camino Portuguese 04/01/2022
I think I will start my Camino in Tomar instead of Lisbon, giving myself time to walk the Camino Finisterre at the end. Any thoughts?
Hello my grandma legs have been on thousands of miles and I am now excited to finally be in the road again . My sixth Camino the Camino del Norte. I am Getting ready hiking in my neighborhood in the Pacific Northwest the MT Baker area. Plenty of Rocky steep paths to train on with my 2 grandsons ( 6/8)
See you on the Camino starting around mid September from Irun
world walker
Am finally in irun. Need to find my credential. Anyone know where. ?
I am being told there is a 420 character limit on posts yet I see many posts exceed that. Is there something I am not understanding?
C clearly
C clearly
You are posting on your own profile page, rather than on the main forum. Likely there is a different character limit for these profile posts, than for normal posts and threads. I will send you a private Conversation.
Re: SIM cards for non EU citizens doing Camino Frances landing in Paris. An EU friend said to open a prepaid account for the EU and pay the monthly fee + the activation fee because this is cheaper than a tourist SIM package. We are landing in Paris. Some suggest waiting till we arrive in Pamplona. But some Albergues don’t use email. Does anyone have any information especially folks landing in Paris?
Thank You all for the information. I am still reading. One question that I have is, does train travel require any covid testing?
You can send your bikes to the pilgrims' office 39 rue de la citadelle 64220 St Jean Pied de Port. The volunteers will receive them