Did the movie “The Way” motivate you to walk the Camino de Santiago ?

The question was:

1. If you are a first time pilgrim:

A. Was the Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen movie “The Way” the first you’d heard about the Camino and,
B. Did it start the spark that motivated you to walk the Way?
C. If you had known of the Camino…did the movie convince you that now is the right time?

2. If you have previously walked the Camino:

A. Did the movie rekindle in you a desire to walk the Way again?
B. Did you suggest to someone, who you know had never considered walking the Camino, to see the movie and, after seeing it, they decided to walk the Way?

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43 Replies to “Did the movie “The Way” motivate you to walk the Camino de Santiago ?”

  1. My Dad and I are doing part of the Pilgremage in July 12. I watched the movie last week, and its made me want to do it even more 🙂 Great Film! Really inspirational 🙂

  2. I had already made my plans, then watched the movie. It helped. I’ll be walking alone, but not really…

  3. Yes the Movie made me realize that i want to live my life and this adventure will be the start to a wonderful thing. 

  4. I had never heard of the Camino de Santiago before I stumbled upon the movie, The Way”. My camino has started in my heart and plan to walk in 2014

    1. Heidi-my brother & I have plans to walk the camino in 2014 also. God willing! Much depends upon my health & the ability to raise the necessary $ to travel from the US. The movie “The Way” has convinced us to make this a priority.

  5. Next Year I’m taking time off work and life to understand better. late July. 

  6. yes! It did, I’ve been stuck since my Beutifull wife Nilda die in 2006  and my life has no meaning anymore ,I want to find my way somehow. I have a Daughter that is my life, but I need purpose also to go on. maybe I will find the unswer am looking for to keep on living.

    1. You are what is left of your lovely wife, Nilda, in the world. She is in your heart, and is in the heart of your daughter as well. Remember the verse from the Song of Solomon: “Set me as a seal upon thine heart. Set me as a seal upon thine arm. Love is as strong as death.” Her memory and spirit will sustain you on the road, and celebrate with you at the Cathedral.

  7. and I will not be walking along since my wife is always at my side. Am doing this to Honor her memory she was my life and she still is forever.

    1. then invite your daughter. It’s not a race but an adventure of a lifetime. Honor your late wife “RIP”, carry a picture of her along with you an your daughter. A most important life changing event.

    2. Do the Camino for yourself. Your wife will always be with you wherever you are. This might be a way of acceptance or the journey you need at this juncture in your life. Go find yourself. Find YOUR WAY .  

  8. The movie inspired my daughter and I to walk “The Way” from SJPP to Santiago April 5 to May 3.  It was an experience we will never forget.  I encourage all to take this journey.  Even if you hike solo, as in life, you will find that you never walk alone.  Buen Camino!

  9. Yes!  I had never heard of it before.  I will be walking in Sept/Oct.

    1. Hey Jeno – I will be walking Sep/Oct too. See you there. Buen Camino! John Fritchie ~ Asheville, NC USA

  10. No, but it confirmed for me that this was what I was supposed to do. My husband of 38 years moved out last August and I have been heartbroken. I have been carrying such sadness and longing since then, and I knew that here was a chance to recover and perhaps find a new road. I believe in love, and this walk for me is a walk of grace and hope.

  11. “Tudo
    o que é verdadeiro, tudo o que é respeitável, tudo o que é justo, tudo o
    que é puro, tudo o que é amável, tudo o que é de boa fama, se alguma
    virtude há e se algum louvor existe, seja isso o que ocupe o vosso
    pensamento.” (Felipenses 4:8)

  12. No but it confirmed for me that I was supposed to do this. My husband of 38 years moved out last August, and since that time I have been heartbroken, and filled with sadness. I believe in Love, and I am dedicating this walk to Love, and the grace of hope. 

  13. The plan was in place before the film hit the cinema screens in the UK – but it certainly helped in understanding what it might be like on the road and added greatly to the excitement about walking the Camino for real. A good film in itself, and certainly recommended viewing to those who might be considering walking the Camino Frances.

  14. I had not heard of the Camino trek until I watched the movie.  It was then I knew it was no mistake nor a coincidence that I had seen this film for it resonated in my soul that I must make this trek.  To regroup and reconnect with my true higher self is what keeps coming forward for me when I think of why I want to make this pilgrimage.  🙂

  15. I didn’t know about the ‘camino’ until I saw the film!  Absolutely a film of great substance, which should get more attention from the media to the public.

  16. The movie was such an inspiration to me. I have read 4 books on the Camino so far and have started planning my journey. I have about 1/2 the equipment I will need and I am starting to train physically for the trek. I didn’t know about the Camino until “The Way”came to the movies. Then I bought the DVD. Something about the Camino says to me that there are pieces missing in my life and this is where I might find them.  I suppose most people are in search of that? I hope every finds theirs. My only concern is  being 54 and doing the Camino. I’m determined, so I’ll go and I will make it. I really have to learn some basic Spanish. Any suggestions would be helpful as I have trouble in that area. I guess us Americans expect everyone to learn English. Sorry about that. Keep all these posts coming as it only encourages me more to go. Until then I’ll keep the dream alive. God Bless.

    1. I was inspired by the movie ,my spirit leapt when I realized that this was a real pilgrimage that was being done in modern times I knew from that moment of recognition that I had to make plans to walk the Camino. I am anxious and a bit afraid given I’ll be going alone and I’m not a kid any longer ,but I have faith that if God calls me to do this he will make a way ..I think I’m going in early June and will just take my time go slow one step in front of the other ,if you hear singing it will probably be me

  17. I first learned about the camino from the movie. My wife and I watched it together and when it was over we looked at each other, thinking the same thing. We wanted to do it. We’ve begun to train for it, and are planning our camino for Spring 2014.

  18. The movie did peak my interest in walking the Camino. I had not heard of it before. I started reading books about it. I am going to walk in 2014. I have started to walk each day and log my workouts. When I started a month ago I was 283 lbs. I’m down to 270 now and going strong. St. James is calling me to the Camino! An excellent read about the Camino is “To the Field of Stars” by Kevin Codd. Real Camino experiences shared in a thoughtful way. It’s like going on the Camino in your mind.

  19. After watching The Way I sat there thinking wow, I have to do this! The movie brought fourth this deep inner need to experience this. I have since looked into all the aspects of the walk and am planning to do this in 2014. I had never heard of the Camino de Santigo before the movie. Thank you everyone for posting your information and views it helps me to commiserate this feeling I have about this journey. Buen Camino

  20. I had never heard of The Camino until I saw the move, “The Way,” I felt compelled and began to plan. In the fall of 2011, I asked for (and “Santa” brought me) a pair of trekking poles. My family did not know why I asked for them – they just figured I wanted to do some hiking in our new area (Virginia) since we have always been a camping family. I didn’t know how or when I’d pull off my secret plan, having never been to Europe before, only knew I would walk the Camino. Then, low and behold, we received orders to move to Germany! So, now I’m in Germany, Volksmarching almost every weekend with my poles. I plan to walk the Camino in April/May 2013. I’ve started to share my plans with my husband and children – they don’t get it, yet. But they will.

    1. Kf51, I am from Maryland, and would like to do the walk in June. I wish we could do it together. I am also married, with Children..A teacher. Lived in Germany for 5 years before moving to the US. Originally from Iran.

      1. Did you do it? I did it May-June last year and am finishing up my blog about it. What an amazing experience for me.

  21. I did the camino a few months before the film came out. I thought it was interesting in terms of scenery (although not all scenes in the movie were in the same sequence as you would have encountered them on the walk itself) but just trying to put the Way into a movie is is a very difficult concept to achieve. Yes, you can meet some people as portrayed in the movie along the way, but most are not so eccentric as those in the film. Most are tired after a long day of walking. Although there were lots of fun meals with strangers and new friends (I walked alone). I think (if I remember the film correctly) there was not so much time spent in Santiago itself. For many pilgrims just sitting or being in the square in front of the cathedral is a moving experience and that was missed by the film. I think the journey to the sea, although beautiful in terms of film, is not as important as getting to Santiago. Anyway just a few thoughts.

  22. I wrote my comment before reading those below. I am amazed how many people were inspired to do the Camino after seeing the movie. I guess in that sense the movie was a success.

  23. I did walk the Camino de Santiago because I saw the movie ‘The Way’. It was the first time I had heard about the pilgrimage. In the movie theater, after the movie ended, I turned to my husband and said ‘That’s what I need to do!’. The following Spring, I walked the pilgrimage. I walked from St. Jean Pierre de Port to Finisterre. I took a long time, 51 days. It healed my soul.

  24. I had never heard of the Camino de Santiago before viewing the movie. My husband and I watched it together. As soon as it was over, I jumped up to Google it and found that it was so real and something we could do, if determined, in our 50’s and 60’s. I was recovering from skull surgery and had already felt that God had performed a miracle for me. It was time for me to show my gratitude, and to get my body in better shape. I waited to share this heart’s desire to my husband for a month or so, but then I couldn’t contain it! We are training and will leave the US in April, 2013, for two weeks on the Camino.

  25. The movie, “The Way” was my first encounter with the Camino, and I thought, “What a great way to make the transition from my work to retirement!” Have been working on preparations ever since, and may even take as many members of our parish with us that want to go!

  26. I have not seen the movie but read the book by Paulo Coelho ” Pilgrimage” and also read some notes years ago from people who have done it. If I could do it today I would but we have a 2 year old child. We will plan for 2014 after he is out of diapers, better eater and we are more ready for the trip.

  27. My sister passed in 2010 and it wasn’t till I saw The Way that I realized why I hadn’t released her ashes yet, she needed to come with me! She used to travel through my stories as a travel agent and now she was coming along! She has since travelled on every trip, big or small…Decided to go only 3 months prior to leaving with my daughter’s mom in law to be..our kids watched the movie but felt we should experience our own journey and watch it on our return….brought back such wonderful memories!!!

  28. The movie for me has sparked an obsession to want to walk the path to Santiago de Compostela, I have started to prepair for this journey myself. My reasons for doing it are to leave a symbol of the weight that I lost behind. And to do it to prove to myself that I can!

  29. Like so many of you, I had not heard of the camino until we watched ‘The Way.’ I first watched it with my daughters (ages 19 and 21). We all decided we wanted to go. Then my husband and son (age 15) watched the movie. They got excited as well. Now, it’s all we can think about. We have been walking (did my first 10 miles yesterday) and thinking about packs, boots, poles, etc.. We are all going for various reasons, but all going together…June 2013!

  30. I had never heard about the Camino before watching this movie. But I, like so many others here, know now that it is something I need to do. The idea of leaving the “real world” behind for a while and focusing only on the day’s walk is very appealing. My soul has been very tired the last couple of years and I need to wake it up again.

  31. No – and yes. Michael Bertelsen here in DK gav me the first inspiration telling me to walk. The Way push me over the edge. I walk the French Way sep. 2015 and simply got caught on what the walk did to me so I just have to be there on the caminos in Spain and Denmark.

    Even the film contains a lot lot of incorrections it is a very inspiring film that all schould se before walking The French Way.

  32. Yes, it did. I saw the movie in 2012 and walked 2013 and again this year through Portugal. Thanks Emilio.

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