Do I need a bed bug sheet?

Do I need a bed bug sheet?

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My friend and I will be walking the Camino in June. We’re wondering if anyone has advice re: preventing exposure to bed bugs and if any of you have used fitted bed bug preventing (i.e., treated) sheets in your travels. If so, how did these work for you?

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  1. Just treat your stuff with permethrin before you leave and you will be fine

  2. I used a large thin piece of Indian cotton and stretched it over the mattress nightly, it was useful most days for sitting on to have lunch too – never got bitten when loads of people round me were, I also used a silk inner bag with drawstring on neck

  3. Bedbugs come to shelters in the backpacks of pilgrims. When left on the floor to rest in the field these bugs and end up transported to the lodge. For more than fumigating in shelters in times of many pilgrims every day is impossible to avoid that at some point has some bugs. Permethrin and repellents citronella are good, you can spray the sleeping bag every three or four days and go. Also, the backpack should be disinfected with a spray insecticide every week.

  4. I just finished the Camino, only 1 dose of bed bugs, in pillows rather than bed I suspect, you can buy spray to kill them, a sheet would offer no protection if the pillow is infected. Most Albergues have latex mattress covers to prevent this now, many have pillow covers as well. Spray pillows not covered and you should be fine. Steer clear of Private home accommodations as they seen to be less controlled.. enjoy.

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