Do I need a cellphone on my Camino de Santiago?

Do I need a phone on my Camino de Santiago?

The question was:

I’m considering whether to bring my iphone on the Frances route this April. I’d like not to.
To the extent I need to communicate with home, I can do it from villages along the way at internet cafes.

I suppose my biggest concern is that I may need it to call ahead for reservations each day. Thoughts?

Read the good advice on bringing a cellphone with you on the Camino de Santiago here.

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  1. Most of the time you can’t reserve the pilgrim hostels, it’s a first come first serve service, unless you are planning on staying in hotels and B&Bs I wouldn’t bother. Personally I took my iPhone for the camera and to connect to the free wifi that is almost always around, that way you dont have to queue for the Internet.

  2. I used an iPod touch instead of a phone. I could use Skype to call folks back home if needed, check email, update Facebook with pictures I had taken on it the day before, use guides I had downloaded on Nook before leaving and apps with Spanish helps. I had no problem accessing wifi and felt I had all I needed in one package. When I used it for pictures, however, they weren’t at good as on a regular digital camera.

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