Do I need to book ahead?

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I am going to be doing the Camino from SJPP from 21st September 2011 to Santiago (allowing myself 40 days) and I was wondering if it is essential to book accommodation in advance. Your comments on this would be appreciated as I’m not sure how far I will manage each day so don’t quite know where or when I will be at certain destinations. Any suggestions?? :?:

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  1. I would suggest booking a hotel/motel in the city of Padron ( if you are doing the Portuguese Way). Your dates coincide with an important holiday here in Spain the 12th of October and usually people take a 5 day holiday during that time. Could be from October 7th till October 12th or October 12th to 16th. We went during this holiday and it was a mess in Padron. If you need the name of the place we stayed I can send it to you. Sorry can’t help you with the other stopovers.

  2. I walked the Camino in September 2009 from St Jean Pied de Port and made no bookings and it was absolutely fine. If you did book you’d then have a time frame you’d be obligated to stick to. Some towns are lovely and you may want to have an extra night while others you want to get out of double quick! Giving yourself 40 days is ample, I did it in 30 no trouble, so no, don’t book , you will always get a bed.
    Happy walking!

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