4 Replies to “Do I need to know Spanish?”

  1. It’s more than just fun to be moderately familiar with Spanish. And it can be quite usefu, as well as enhance your experiencel. Unlike Paris, Berlin, or Rome, I found many locals who didn’t really know English. Also, about 50% of pilgrims are Spanish, next largest contingent is Germans at about 15%. Try Rosetta Stone, and cd’s for commuting in to work to familiarize yourself with the basics.
    That being said, other than emergencies, I bet someone could suffer along the whole route without a lick of Spanish.

    You can see some photos of my 2 week section of the Camino between St. Jean Pied De Port and Burgos.

  2. June 02/2011

    OK, I thought I knew Spanish when I begin the Camino – I really didn’t but got along OK and had a great walk.

    I’ll know alot of Spanish for my Next Camino. I recommend Rosetta Stone {spendy $$ but works}

  3. The last years we go the camino in France. (we started in Germany in Front of our houses an go every year a piece) I’ve learned for this tours french. It was the best idea e ever had. French people don’t like english, but whe you start the conversation in french, the people are very friendly and helpfully. and the contact with other french pilgrims are still active and many friendships has begun on this kind

  4. You should know at least the basic phrases in Spanish. It’ll be enough to get the most important informations. The rest – in English… Buen Camino !

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