Do I need travel Insurance?

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As it is gettin nearer to my start date , The next item on my list is Travel Insurance. Do I require ordinary travel cover or will I need special cover?

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  1. Hi, I buy travel and health through CAA here in Canada. If you are a member of AAA or CAA it is a really good deal. So yes, I would get it for health reasons mainly, just in case!

    1. Hi, I did el Camino in 2005, I went to a hospital one time for problems with my feet and all I paid was about $100. I also saw several doctors on the Camino and on Santiago and did not pay anything. Some people would not charge you if you are a Pilgrim, you must let them know the moment you get there. In santiago there is an office where they attend the Pilgrims for free, but it’s always good to give a donation.
      My question to you is, I have AAA here in the USA but I don’t know what is CAA. Can you explain that please? I’m going to Tibet on May and I’m interested on Health Insurance during my stay there. Thanks

      1. With the economic crisis in Spain, I think the free treatment of pilgrims will stop… so I would not count on this for the future. 

  2. In England my travel insurer needed to know whether I was walking more than 300km. There was no problem if I was but they would take an extra premium because the risk of an injury goes up.

    Never, ever travel without insurance.

    Diabetics should find an insurer on the diabetesuk website. They cover pre-existing medical conditions.

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