10 Replies to “Do you miss the Camino de Santiago?”

  1. I miss the Camino so much and I know in my hearth that I will be back there one day
    It was the adventure of my life and I found the peace in me that I needed so much. All the wonderful pilgrims I met on the way, I miss them too.
    All my best regards to everyone.
    From Rúna in Iceland

  2. Yes, we are all called continuously throughout our day to return, mentally or physically. Little things come up and remind us of someone or something along the trail. Every time I set foot outside my door and I start a walk or a trek anywhere,I am reminded.My mind shifts into pilgrim mode and I relax and know that there is no better place to be than with oneself in the present moment.

  3. The camino has thaken a beautiful piece of my heart , body and soul. The first weeks after arriving home, I wanted to cry every day because it was over. And still, after 4 years, I miss everything. The early mornings, the path, the local food from the districts, the sun and the sunburn, the smell of herbs along the way, the wonderful people, EVEN the pain : ) and the blisters and the f….. shoes : ) I meet pilgrims who was walking for 5th and 6th time, and at that time I didn`t understand why. But now I do and I know I have to walk again myself.

  4. May 4 2011

    Absolutely!! – I think about walking the Camino every day. I gained more from the Camino than I can say.

    I miss the New People I met every day, I enjoyed very step, Sun, Rain, Hot or Cold!! I would leave for the Camino today if were able to. I think the Camino is best walked alone. Alone your more accessable to meeting new people.

    I walked the Camino in 2006 at age 61 – I’m lookkng forward to taking my Grand son in a few years {I’ll be about 71}, My grandaughters in about 10 years {at 76}
    & if I’m blessed – a new grandaughter in about 15 years.

    Walking the Camino is like the “Six Gun in the American West” the great equalizer. When you walk out of St. Pied your chances of reaching Santiago are
    as good as any other person starting the Camino.

    Buen Camino

  5. May 4, 2011

    One word of caution!! The Camino is “Addictive”! Thank God!

  6. II walked the Camino in 2007, taking 10 days more than the average and I said then ” Never again” , but I was wrong, I am going again in April to May 2012 and I am planning to take 20 days more than the average of 33 days. I will take detours to places that I have missed previously like Santo Domingo de Silos. The Camino changed my whole look at life and there is an urge to go back.

  7. I walked the camino in 2008 (alst 100km) and again in 2009 (300km, camino del norte).  Alone , for the first time in my entire life, at the age of 50.
    I believe that in my life there is now a ‘before the Camino’ and an ‘after the Camino’  time.
    I am ready to walk the Camino again, as soon I fix a foot problem.  But in my heart I am on road since then.

  8. Every day I want to be back on the Camino. I am 66 years old and walked this year from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela in 30 days. I only wish that I had made my pilgrimage many years ago so that I could keep going back. Alas I may never go back in body but I will always be there in spirit.

  9. I have been unable to calculate the many ways the Camino has touched my body and soul. Once you make the pilgrimage your life can not be the same, it is expanded , you are blessed by the pilgrims you meet and feel a connections with all that have gone before you. Those of us who have had this blessing know it!!!!!

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