Does anyone have a recommendation for a short Camino?

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

The question was:

I have a week off in September and plan to do a short section of the Camino just to get a taste of it. I was planning on flying to Biarritz and beginning at St Jean Pied and doing maybe the first five/six days before heading back to San Sebastian/Bilbao and flying home from Bilbao.

Just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for a short five/six day section though? Eg, would Logrono to Burgos or something like that be better?

I would rather do an earlier section of the camino as I’ve heard it’s less busy and also it means if I like it I can come back and finish the trail another stage when I have more time.

All recommendations welcome, thanks

Read the good advice on deciding on a short Camino de Santiago here.

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  1. Hi!
    I make the camino by sections, depending my holidays disposal. I live near Barcelona and, if I have a free week, I organize one day travelling to starting place, five days walking, and another day to come back home, If I have some more days, I add them for walking or spending more4 day in special places.Last year I made Pamplona-Logroño in 5 days. For me was a good walking rythm: walk from 6-6.30 am to 12.00. It makes for me 18-22 km. Resting and tourist the rest of the day.40 days later, I made Logroño-Burgos-Hornillos del Camino in 6 days,My advice is: choose as starting and finishing points a big or well communicated city with a Pilgrim “albergue”, of course: Pamplona, Logroño, Burgos, Sahagun, Carrion de los Condes, Leon… cities with railway station, easy to arrive or depart. Don’t arrive too late in day, carry allways your Pilgrim credential…
    And Enjoy! Buen Camino!!

  2. Why not try a less travelled Camino, where you will always get a space in a Regugio…how about the Via De La Plata, starting from Seville in your beautiful country ?

  3. The Camino Portugues (Portuguese Way) from Tuy, on the Spanish border with Portugal, to Santiago will take you 5 or 6 days the most. You can fly to Porto low cost from most major European capitals and also from NYC. From there you can take a train or rge bus to Tuy (55 miles)

  4. If flying to Biarritz, why not starting from there and walk the Camino del norte for one week. Irùn – Bilbao is 7 days of walk ; 6 if you walk Gernika – Bilbao in 1 day (33 km, 20 mi). It’s up to you. But this is definitely what I’ll do ! There’s nothing like to have a swim in the ocean to finish your day 😀

  5. hello, I would come up from Portugal. I just did this route it was amazing. it is not as busy , the walk is excellent and the Allbergues along the way are very nice (although some don’t have kitchens) we started in Villa de Conde but being ladies of a certain age were only able to walk 15km a day most of those we met were doing 25-30kms
    a day, The coastal route would have been good but was so cold and windy at the beginning of May we choose inland and the Portuguese are the kindest warmest people and so supportive of the Camino. Buen Camino

  6. I walked St Jean -Pamplona -Logrono in a week at Easter . Strongly recommend as the first stage is not to be missed. Buen Camino if you go that way!

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