Does my US medical Insurance cover me on the Camino de Santiago?

Medical Insurance on the Camino de Santiago
Medical Insurance on the Camino de Santiago

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A request to American pilgrims; past, present and future. I just learned that my health insurance does not cover me while in Europe. In looking on this forum the advice is don’t go without it. I did some looking at American insurance companies that offer travel medical insurance and found (1) expensive (2) consumer complaints about them is astronomical. So I would like to know if any American pilgrims can recommend a good insurer.

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  1. my very recent experience at the hospital in Burgos.. I was given a blood pressure check, and advice from a Doctor, then sent out with no expense. Also accompanied an Australian to an Emergency clinic with an infected toe, and they did ask to see her insuranace papers. And almost every medicine was available thru the advice at the farmacias.

  2. It varies greatly. Two weeks ago I took a US pilgrim to the local health center, then on to the hospital in Palencia where they found her arm was broken. All the advice (including a specialist) lab tests, X-rays, plaster, and follow-up did not cost a thing. “Too much paperwork,” everybody said.

  3. Most traditional U.S. health insurance policies do not provide adequate coverage while you are abroad. Even more rare are U.S. policies that include emergency medical evacuation. MEDICARE doesn’t cover you outside the U.S. Have you looked into a travel insurance plan. Most travel medical policies cost $1 to $2 per day.

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