English speaking pilgrims wanted in Sarria

Television de Galicia

The “Instituto Secundaria” in Sarria are looking for English speaking pilgrims. The request is being made by the local English teacher at the school in Sarria. She realized that each day many English speakers walked by their school and that they may be able to help their students in their English studies.

The deal from the school is: An English speaking pilgrim speaks to a group of students for 30 minutes. The pilgrim then receive a “gift card” of 10 euro that can be used in the local bike shop or to get something to eat (I am sure at more places as well, but these two were mentioned in the report.

You can see the whole TV report here (press “Play” in the small video window to the left).

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  1. Great idea , I certainly would like to talk if would help the class with conversational English. I know how important it is because I´m currently studying Spanish and find communicating with Spanish speakers invaluable.

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