Excessive Forward Planning?

This came up the other day on the forum. 

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Myself and a friend are planning on walking the section from Sarria to Santiago probably in September/October of next year – yes, we both realise it’s quite a way off, but I do like to plan ahead even to excess. The reason for this relatively short walk along the caminho is that my buddy has a terminal illness which, at present, is being kept at bay, but he is determined and confident that he will still be around next year to do the walk.

As a practising Roman Catholic, he is very keen to get to the cathedral for the pilgrims’ mass and collect the compostela itself which, I believe, he would qualify for as we are starting from Sarria. I just wanted to get some clarification on getting the daily stamps for the credencial. I understand that starting from Sarria means getting two stamps per day and I am assuming that this involves getting one stamp in the morning and one at some point in the evening from various churches, hostels, tourist offices, etc? If you know any different, I would be pleased to know.

In the interim, between now and next September, we will both be busy getting some ‘training’ in for this event. It’s going to be tough on both of us (we are gentlemen of a certain age) but my buddy in particular, so it’s likely to take a good 12-14 days to complete even this short section of the caminho. Nevertheless, we are both fired up with enthusiasm; especially after having read the assorted blogs on here.

Any info would be duly welcomed especially in relation to how manageable this walk is for someone not in the best of health. Best wishes and buen camino to all of you out there still pounding the road.

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