Experiences while being sick on the camino?

Did you get homesick on the Camino de Santiago?

The question was:

Over the last few days I have been down with some kind of cold/flu bug (bad cough, achy muscles, no energy). I was lying in bed yesterday, trying to force myself to get up and make some breakfast (said endeavour not being helped by the fact I had no appetite), when the thought crossed my mind, “Seriously, you are going to walk nearly 800km? You can’t even walk 10 metres to the kitchen.”

Now, obviously that was the flu talking. But, it did make me wonder about how people coped with illness while on the Camino. My understanding is albuerges are only for one night, and while if I had had to, I probably could have dragged myself a km or 2, that would have been about my limit. If you are in a city when it happens, you could find a hotel I guess, but otherwise I am not sure what I would do.

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