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This “Ladies Only” question appeared in the forum:

 I am a plus sized woman at present but working on becoming less so. Finding plus sized clothing in an outdoor or sports store hasn’t been very fruitful. They seem to think all active people are thin to begin with :roll:

1. What do I look for in a good supportive bra that is comfortable and when washed will dry quickly? Any brands that you can suggest and that I can find in the U.S.?

2. Same as above for panties?

3. I can find some active wear pants in plus sizes but they seem pretty light weight which is good for FL heat but what do you wear on the road when the weather turns cooler? A base layer underneath enough? Where do you shop?

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  1. Go to REI and remember never ever wear anything that had cotton in it! “Cotton is rotten!” I’m in Canada, so I went to MEC similar to REI. Any brands along the lines of north face, under armor, Patagonia, Columbia, Nike dri fit, and so on, will be just fine. 🙂

  2. Champion sports bra, med or high inpact with UNDERWIRE. They carry them at Kolhs but have not come accross them at sports stores. They are the best.

  3. Do you need a sports bra for walking? Keep to what you know. Clean one on and wash and dry a second one over night. Pants the same. Worked for me. Take a swimming bikini which can double as under wear!

  4. I absolutely recommend wearing leggings – I’m British I don’t know if other nationalities call them leggings but I wore a pair of Nike drifit leggings for almost all of the camino and my walking companion did not and her inner thighs chafed badly and caused her more grief than you would imagine. By wearing tight fitting lycra material there isn’t as much friction between the thighs. I would also recommend using vaseline not only on your feet but on the inner thighs too. You don’t need any fancy expensive gear on the camino except good boots and waterproof. You don’t need a sports bra just a good supportive one that isn’t going to stab you with underwiring. Try your rucksack on with the bra that you intend to wear and if the rucksack straps sit on the bra straps reconsider the bra because that will cause you some friction over time. In that respect a broad strapped bra would serve you best and not one with a plastic adjuster that would catch under the rucksack straps. I recommend taking layers of thin clothing – I took a sports vest, a tee shirt, a thermal long sleeved tee, a micro fleece and waterproof in March last year – I was too hot most of the time but I wouldn’t have left any one of those items behind. For trousers I had leggins and a pair of waterproof over trousers. 3 pairs socks, 3 pairs knickers (pants to you!) and only the one well fitting matronly bra. A multi-use snood scarf that doubled as a hat and gloves. My backpack weighed 9kg without food – I feel that next time I do the camino I would aim to cut 1kg off that by literally leaving everything else at home. Better to go with less than you think you need and buy what you’re missing on the way than to carry too much, especially if, like me, you’re already carrying more than some on your body. Buen Camino x

  5. On 3- get a heavy pleated skirt that goes over the top. It will keep you warmer and more culturally appropriate. Macabi skirts aren’t the warmest, but are quick drying, don’t wrinkle, in plus sizes, available online, and were all I needed with my walking bottoms.

    1. I had no idea that a skirt such as Macabi existed! I am walking the Camino Frances March through April 2014 and have been strongly considering wearing a skirt with leggings for the walk. These are PERFECT! Thank you so much for your post.

    2. Love my Macabi skirt. Versatile, easy to dry, comfortable. I bought it specifically for the Camino, but wear it quite a bit for every day. Highly recommend it.

  6. 1. I would stick to what you already have that’s comfortable. I chose 2 normal non-sports bras that were racerback style (not required, but I HATE slipping bra straps). Stay away from cotton though, as others have mentioned. Cotton collects scent and dirt very quickly and does not clean or dry quickly, so stick to something man made. Give it a try at home and see which of your bras air dries fast.

    One other thing to note is that there are washers and dryers everywhere. I typically would wear both bras out and then splurge on a wash and dry session for everything. Most of the time I washed everything else by hand everyday, but I used a washer and dryer about once a week as a reset which worked especially well for bras.

    2. This one is trickier, but I second Sierra Trading post. They have a lot of variety for cheap as they get surplus and remnant goods from the more traditional retailers. I would stick with the same rules as bras though — stick to something comfortable and quick drying. You don’t necessarily have to buy something new. Give it a try with what you already have

  7. Just wear your usual bra unless you are ‘jogging’!!! You know the pants you have which dry quickly. Take them. I didn’t buy any new under wear, but I did get some shorts. You could take what you already have because you will loose weight.

  8. …for the ladies – toilet facilities on The Way? Do you just go in nature or need change to pay for toilets in restaurants? Any recommendations?

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