For US pilgrims: T-Mobile International data warning!


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Interesting observation from an america plgrim regarding T-Mobile and dada usage in europe.

I’ve been using and recommending T-Mobile to those going on Camino and other international travelers for years, since it has been working so well for me. However I just got this “warning” from T-Mobile:

“The majority of the last two months of T-Mobile usage on line XXXXXXX has been roaming internationally. If this line continues to roam extensively abroad over the next month, the use will violate our terms and conditions, and your roaming usage will be blocked on October 22 2018. See details:

I didn’t spend any more time abroad this year than in the past two years, however I may have used data much more this time for a couple of reasons:

I used an app with mapping a lot this time, and I tended to just use my data rather than connect to wifi because it’s a hassle to ask for wifi codes all the time, and often the wifi was poor anyway. And something that’s really annoying is that a T-Mobile rep suggested that I pay a little extra for the One Plus plan so that I could have faster wifi, and the ability to make my phone into a hotspot while abroad. So there I am with my faster data or crappy wifi, of course I’m going to use the data!

So, Googling around a bit, it seems that it’s not really the amount of data that I used abroad, but the fact that the ratio of roaming to domestic data was so high. So I think that the best thing to do is to turn off my wifi, and use data exclusively while I’m at home, so that I can tip the ratio. So, other T-Mobile users be aware of this. Only use your data when you have to when you’re on the Camino, and perhaps try to use your data more than wifi at home.

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