From Santiago, should I walk to Muxia or Finisterre first?

Finisterre light house
Finisterre light house

The question was:

Can anyone suggest which is the best route to go?
Santiago to Muxia to Fisterrra (then bus back)
Santiago to Fisterra to Muxia (then bus back)
Veer left or veer right at Hospital?
I have a feeling that Fisterra should really be the last point in the journey.

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  1. My daughter and I walked the Camino Frances in 2010, Sarria to Finisterre; we walked again in 2012, St Jean to Burgos, then Santiago to Finisterre via Muxia. We absolutely loved seeing Muxia, exploring the town and beach and the amazing rocks, going to the pilgrim mass at the church. The walk from Muxia to Finisterre (with an overnight stay in Lires, another beautiful and friendly little town) was one of our favorites. To us, both trips, it felt fitting and emotionally and spiritual satisfying to end our camino at Cabo Finisterre, with the lighthouse and peace pole to our backs and the ocean nearly surrounding us. The first time, we stayed at a fancy hotel in town (room was fine but the owners were harried and unhappy, so not the greatest experience); last year we stayed in the albergue xunta, and loved it. (the xunta in Muxia was great, too). Yes, there are busses from Muxia to Finisterre, from Finisterre to Muxia, from F to SDC…first come first served so make sure you queue up with time to spare. The movie “The Way” did not inspire us to walk, but it was fun to see familiar sights we recognized from our first camino trip. Remember, it’s JUST A MOVIE, polished up and simplified (both the positives and negatives) and therefore nowhere near what your own REAL experience will be. I walked the camino to be with my daughter while I thought on some challenges in my life . As for walking back…only modern-day pilgrims have had the luxury of hopping a train or plane to get home from SDC. Historically, reaching Santiago was HALF the trip…so I would say, if you have the time and ability, go for it! Even more time to think, pray, share, and incorporate the experiences, lessons and blessings of the Camino into your everyday life.

    1. interesting to read that there is accommodation in Lires, After 5 1/2 weeks walking the Camino Frances in 2013 we are returning in September to walk, at a more leisurely pace,Santiago to Finisterre/ Muxia but like the previous walker haven’t quite decided whether to finish in Finisterre or Muxia. Any details of accommodation in Lires or website that might help would be most welcome.

  2. I agree that Finisterre is a more impactful place to end your journey. I’ve walked both ways, to Finisterre first and the second time Muxia first, then completed the triangle walking one day from Muxia to Finisterre. (the stretch between Muxia and Finisterre is marked in both directions) The walks themselves are pretty comparable, both beautiful caminos. There are significantly more busses available to take back from Finisterre to Santiago, so that might impact your ending decision too, as I believe there are only one or two a day from Muxia to Santiago.

  3. Buses are limited out of Muxia, but two each day leave from Fisterra. We walked to Muxia first and Fisterra last for that reason and that it is the literal finish (0.00 marker at the light house) and the furthest tip of Spain. If you only get the time to go to one I would go to Fisterra (very beautiful)!

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