Gaiters or Sandals in October?

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I’m only figuring out what gaiters are now and am wondering should i get a pair for my Camino in October (walking from Ponferrada – Santiago early Oct)? And this might sound like a silly question but in the pictures of gaiters i’ve seen they don’t seem to cover the whole boot so,won’t the boot still get wet inside? If i just wore wet trousers/pants won’t my boots get just as well as if i was wearing the gaiters??

Also…i was going to bring my well loved and worn birkenstock sandals for the evenings but will it be too cold in October, should i bring another pair of shoes instead? I don’t own crocs!

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  1. Gaiters are garments worn to cover the bottom of pant legs,
    tops of boots or shoes, and the lacing. Gaiters are worn when walking, hiking, running
    (especially outdoors amongst dense underbrush and in rain or snow. They help to provide protection from branches
    and thorns; and prevent rain, splashed water, mud, snow, and other objects from
    entering the top of footwear.

    Most folks get gaiters made with a Gore-tex or similar type
    fabric that waterproof or repel water.

    The gaiters are worn with waterproof footwear to help keep
    feet and shoes dry. This is important in
    cold temperatures, when frost bite, numbness or hyperthermia may be a risk. If you expect to be walking in a lot rain or
    muddy conditions, then they may be worth bringing with you.

    I’m planning to walk from mid March to mid April and will
    bring Gore-tex gaiters.

  2. I would say that I don’t have experience with wet conditions on the Camino. We walked for 41 days in Sept/Oct and only saw one sprinkle for about twenty minutes. I walked all the way in regular walking sneakers and maybe a third of the time in sandals. It is not very aggressive walking, such as what I experienced when I walked the Appalachian Trail.

    For a walk, such as the Camino, I don’t think I would find any value in gaiters. Snakes are not a problem, and the pathway is open and either gravel or paved for most of the way. People do walk in in bare feet as well, we even saw a few of those.

    I think, ultimately, that gaiters would be just more extra weight to carry along. Look at any of the photo sites for the Camino, I don’t think you’ll see too many using such things.

  3. The hiking boots in the gaiters photo…can you please tell me what kind they are? Thank you!

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