Has anyone ever walked principally at night?

This question came up on the forum a few days ago. 

Folks… I have a serious night-owl in my life, but that night-owl likes to hike. A lot.
There’s no possible way to be certain that a traditional “up between 5-6am” approach to a camino would succeed with this person, and could actually bring all kinds of stress that would be antithetical to a camino walk.

So, I’m wondering what would happen if, instead, we rose in the later afternoon, enjoyed the towns post-siesta, and took supper as our “breakfast” and then walked through the night from about 9pm.

Is it possible?

We’d likely arrive in villages just as traditional pilgrims were waking and departing. And we’d have to nap in parks, take breakfast as our dinner, and check in as early as possible to albergues to sleep from 2pm.

I met some young people on camino this past summer who did most of their walking in the later day and checked in to whatever was available at 10pm. Usually they had their supper one town *prior* to where they would sleep.
Anyone with any experience as a night hiker…. I’d love to hear from you.

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