Hi Tech vs. Low Tech clothing

Hi Tech vs. Low Tech clothing


The question was:

I spent 12 months working and treking all over India.
I used 100% cotton shirts as they were the most comfortable.

After reading a lot of posts on here, I decided to follow the advice and get some hi tech moisture wicking all singing and dancing and expensive clothing.

I have done a few training treks with these now.
What am I doing wrong… they make me feel clammy as they are not natural fibres, i feel greasy from the nylon, I stink :0 and i dont feel comfortable.
I try cotton shirts and whilst i sweat, yes they get a little wet, but I feel comfortable and dont stink.
Why is cotton mainly worn in the hottest place on earth (India)
My question is;
1) Is it because the store sales rep sold me the wrong gear of is it the
2) Do we all stink or just me :)
3) Do i need to stop being a princess and accept they will be uncomfortable.

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