How busy is the Camino ?

Pilgrims on Camino de Santiago

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I’m heading to St Jean on 14th April 2011 with 4 friends . Wondering how busy the Camino is likely to be at this time. Anyone walked at this time before? We have booked our first 2 nights . Hope to just play it by ear after that?

This question is often asked, to get some ideas on the number of pilgrims read this thread in our Camino forum.

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  1. Only last stages of the camino will be very busy.Due to holy week in Spain. Try to witness some processions!
    I walked several times during this period and never had any problem to find a place to sleep.
    Good luck!

  2. Im planning to walk the french Camino again, starting in Saint Jean Pied de Port around May 3 or 4. Looking for companions.
    Isidro in Costa Rica.
    isisanchez at gmail dot com

    1. Isidro, greetings too bad you are leaving a month earlier than myself…but do not free you will meet may people and the wright person (s) will come along. I am leaving from Lourdes France 5th of June doing Camino Frances to Leon then on to San Salvador and continue on Camino Primitivo. Trust me you will enjoy this Camino so take it all in and savor every moment, the memories will last forever.

  3. As I was walking my first camino in october and november of the holy year 2010, I don’t think it will be more busy in 2011. Actually it was not too bad, only the last 100 km had been hard, especially for my nerves. But I guess the last part is the same every year. I am not afraid, I wasn’t afraid last year. I had never problems with finding a bed and I met the most special person in my life, my love. So for me the camino is never too busy. 😉

  4. Easter has been the benchmark beginning of the Camino season. As Easter will be later in the month of April, it may happen that some Albergues are not open until afterwards. You’ll learn this as you go, perhaps checking with the people in the Accreil in SJPDP for update on this situation. I started walking last year on 18th April, never had a problem with finding a bed. As last year was the holy year, this year will be less crowded with regard to numbers of pilgrims. It was reported that 270,000 pilgrims made their way along the caminos. That is a record!
    You will come across weekend walkers on the last 100kms from Sarria but they are only walking a few hours as part of their coach tour.
    SJPDP to Roncesvalles is a long haul in one day. Too many people ended up with blisters and sore muscles and ended up hobbling for days afterward. Some gave up because they didn’t recover from this. Better to split it in two and stop at Orisson. Jean Jacques is a great host but you must book a bed from the Accreil in SJPDP before leaving. Cheers and Buen Camino! Lynne

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