How do I do my laundry on the Camino de Santiago?

Laundry on the Camino de Santiago
Laundry on the Camino de Santiago

The question was:

Did you carried any washing powder from home? Or there was some powder “for general use” in albergues? Or maybe you used something else for doing laundry?

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  1. Most places had at least a place to handwash ones clothing. I used liquid soap that I had for my hair and body in a small quantity and would replace that as needed. Places that had machines also had a machine to dispense a tablet or some such, but I had also brought from home a very thin packet that would do two washes that weighed preactically nothing. You would put the towlette in the wash and also transfer it to the dryer, but I highly recommend hang drying clothing as they dry quickly if you are travelling in non humid areas as I did on the Camino Frances. Also the cost of drying is several Euros and the clothes don’t get dry very fast.  One place even did the laundry for you so you wouldn’t have to wait around and could run around the city or town where you were staying. In the end I hand washed most days and used the machine perhaps 3 times in 25 days. Handwashing isn’t the best, but works for the Camino.

  2. Laundry is done mostly by hand.  My walking partner and I each had three pair shorts, shirts, socks, underthings.  You wash by hand every other night and hope that it will dry overnight.  Bring some clothespins or large safety pins though because if you run into a damp evening — you must clip your somewhat wet items to your backpack on the following morning so that they dry before you need them.  Most of the alberques have large wash basins and you can easily purchase small amounts of powdered soap along the way.

  3. how about a blog for 1st timers where one can meet-up with somebody to do the walk with.  I am from South Africa.

    1. I can see a blog for first-timers but… why would you want to leave SA and go find Southafricans clear around the world? You need to expand bud! Leave your cocitoyens at home. You can get more of them later.

  4.  Ronel van Wyk: There are many South Africans who go to the Camino but apart from the “Confraternity of Saint James” there are no co-ordination amongst those not being a member.  With so many optional dates and times it rarely happens that South Africans meet on the Camino. You will literally find hundreds of Germans and Americans along the way and may bump into a fellow South African probably once or twice along the way. I walked Camino Frances (6 weeks) and Camino Portuguese (11 days) and only met South Africans on the six week walk and only for a single day! 

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