6 Replies to “How do I get to St. Jean Pied to Port to start my Camino de Santiago?”

  1. en verano hay una compañia de autobuses que trabaja desde pamplona, creo que salian unos 2 autobuses al dia, pero no estoy seguro si lo hacen en hinvierno, otra opcion es coger un autobus desde pamplona a roncesvalles y una vez alli coger un taxi que te suba a st,jean pie de port,saludos

  2. Fly to Bilbao, stay another day in this nice city, go by bus (1,5 hours) to Bayonne, from there by train or bus to SJPdP. If you go in the morning, you arrive about 1 p.m in SJPdP and try to get a bed in Orrison, walk about 3 hours, perfect start, i did it like this

  3. It really depends on where are you going to land, but what i did was to take a bus from Madrid to SJPP. They sell you tickets in the “Avenida de America” bus station, in Madrid. However I will advice you to buy in internet the ticket, where there is the option to deal with the process in english, then print it out and go to the station. There is a 15-20 minutes break to bus change in Pamplona, city close to the French border. The ticket was quiet cheap, now I do not really know. The time you will take is more less 6 hours or something like that. What I remember is that I took the bus in the morning and I was there after lunch. Hope I was helpful! Buen Camino!

    1. Genial esta opción. Yo no tenía ni idea como llegar, saliendo de Roma, tomé vuelo a Londres, despues a Biarritz, autobus hasta Bayonne y por fin el tren a Saint Jean, todo un lío. La opción del autobus desde Madrid me parece estupenda, me la voy apuntar también para la próxima vez. Gracias.

  4. Train to Paris. Night-Train from Paris to Bayonne. Little Train in the morning from Bayonne to St. Jean. Arrival time approx. 9-10am. I decided to stay in St Jean and walk the next day. However I met some who immediately started walking.

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