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  1. Last summer I used spanish Lagarto soap for washing clothes and showering myself.
    When it was raining I put the wet clothes to dry on some lamp or light bulb or behind a refrigerator.
    Most of the time I washed clothes while taking the shower.
    Thick socks and underwear keep cleaner and odorless if you put on them plenty talc powder mixed with borax powder.
    Planning to go again to the Camino at the begining of May, maybe repeating the french route.
    ¡Buen camino!

  2. i carry a small freezer bag of concentrated dry laundry detergent…less weight than a liquid, and you only need a little bit each day. The best system I have found is using a 2 gallon ziplock bag. Fill it with hot water, some soap, then add your clothes, shake, then let it sit while you shower. After, you can stick one hand in the bag to squeeze soapy water through the clothes as much as needed. Rinse same way or just rinse under the faucet. I like it because I am not dependent finding a free sink. I carry an exta baggie just in case. Oh, polyester fabric is great but holds onto odors like crazy. I won’t buy it anymore.

  3. You can buy laundry detergent sheets now which are perforated. One sheet does an entire load in an h.e. washing machine so you only need to take a few sheets for the amount of laundry you’ll need to do by hand throughout your walk. They disolve quickly, are light and flat… and take up no room at all in your pack at all!

    Good Luck.

  4. I agree the Largato soap is great for clothes and shower…would have it anyother way..very popular in spain.

  5. March 29 2011 – Washing your duds! – Hand wash your socks and undewear each night {only if you have good weather & they will dry quickly}. For clothes such as Shirts, Pants wait until you find an Alberque that has a combination washer & dryer – several folks can bunch up and do one large load.

    New Subject: “Bed Bugs” If you encounter any don’t use a Washer/Dryer initially as a good washing probably won’t kill or wash out the bugs. Carry a black plastic trash bag in your gear. During the hottest part of the day pack all infected duds, sleeping bag or what ever in the bag. Place in the sun – wait a few hours. Than wash out the dead bugs. Heat is the only sure cure for bed bugs. Yeah!! this technique really works!

    1. Mike, you are right about heat killing the bed bugs….but usually if water in washing machine is hot along with detergent plus drying in a hot dryer should be very effective. Also last year I did a 2 week volunteer at a hostel in St. Jean Pied du Port and we were taught to lift the mattress to look for bed bugs they don’t like the light so you will see them if they are there. In my encounter last year on my Camino I never saw any.

  6. find camping type of detergent for quick washing…wash socks and under wear every day while it is sunny,,,safety pins to pin down your socks and whatever is wet to your back pack while you walk, it dries in no time

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