How do we deal with snoring in Albergues?

Snoring, earplugs and how to sleep in Albergues

The question was:

Snoring is prominently featured in virtually every blog about the Camino, usually with a mixture of humor and irritation. I heard several times that some albergues have rooms or space set aside for snorers, but I never found one. I met a peregrina who spent many nights sleeping outside to get away from snoring (she did not like to wear earplugs). Onehospitalero passed out disposable earplugs when a heavy snorer fell asleep early in the evening from tapas and wine. The laughter lasted for several minutes as pilgrims made jokes about the obliviously sleeping snorer. He never knew why everyone was smiling at him the next morning!

Does anyone have thoughts on dealing with snoring?

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3 Replies to “How do we deal with snoring in Albergues?”

  1. Being a bad sleeper myself, I got the best ear plugs I could find here in South Africa and they worked very well. Had no problem sleeping at all! One is also tired and this helps to sleep as well.

  2. Forget about sore feet, thirst or hunger. These can be remedied by planning and good sense. It’s the snoring that can make you suicidal at night. Having walked the camino/s several times, this is the one thing I cannot cope with – I may never go again.

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