How do you get time off from work?

How do you get time off from work?

The question was:

To those of you who do the entire Camino Frances in 1 go (not splitting it up into different parts), what about your jobs? What kind of job do you have (if you have one), and how did you manage to get off for the right amount of time?

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  1. My hope is to be able to make the camino this Sept (2013), but if not then certainly Sept of 2014. I have recently hit my 10 year anniversary with my job which grants me 3 weeks of paid vacation time. My boss has been kind enough to allow me to carry over my vacation from one year to the next, using both of them at the same time (so I now have 6 weeks of paid time I can use. I’m not worried about using all my time for the year because we also earn 80 of personal time we can use, as well as 8 paid holidays that we can float to days other than the designated calendar days for the holiday. Sept is a slow time for my particular position (I work at a call center in an administrative position) so there won’t be any difficulty with a backlog of work or other co-workers needing to pick up the slack for my being gone.
    So essentially, I’m getting paid to travel to a beautiful foreign country, do what I do everyday anyway (I already walk 8-10 miles daily here at home), and meet a few like minded souls from around the world.

  2. I accumulated my time as well, but had to really think about how to present the two months off request to my bosses… I had to promise to make a work plan. Sept/Oct is a very busy time for us at work but this is a chance of a lifetime, a trip you don’t decide on lightly and I want to go during those months… not during a time my bosses tell me I can go. I’m going on my terms… so many of my colleagues leave on maternity leave, retirements, etc. and life is too short to plan my holidays around other people… So, I made a good case and it was approved. work will be there when I come back, they’ll be fine without me and I couldn’t be happier! looking forward to meeting some of you on the camino in the fall!

  3. I am a teacher at an independent school, and we have 7 1/2 weeks summer holiday each year. so in 3 weeks time im going on the camino!

  4. In Australia we accrue a ‘long service leave’ which is 3 months leave every 7-10 years of work (at the same place). It dates from when we were colonized and the practice allowed the English troopers and prison guards 1 month to sail home to England, one month with their family and one month to sail back.. We thought it was a great idea and kept it!!!

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