How do you store valuables on the Camino de Santiago?

Storing valuables on the Camino de Santiago

The question was:

I’ve only ever had a wallet, I’m going to have to change.
Now ‘bum belt’ get in the way of ruck sack, how do other deal with this?
As I appreciate valuables cannot go in the rucksack.

Love to know the solution as I don’t see many belts in pics!

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  1. I have walked the Camino twice. . . this past summer, there were reports of thefts and I did walk with some shady characters. . . for the most part, however, everyone was honest. . . but do not be cavalier. . . I carried a mesh sack and some zip lock bags so could carry my wallet, passport, etc. to the shower, etc. . . I have been in a foreign country when my passport was stolen along with some cash. . . .keep an eye on it at all times. . .when you lose those things in a city it is easy to replace them at a consulate or a bank but on the Camino, that would be a different story that would definitely ruin your journey. .. . . jjt

    1. Wear a money belt. Either have a trusted someone watch your valuable while in the shower, or take them in with you. Make copies of valuable documents and leave the copies with someone back home in case you need to contact credit card company, etc. (I’ve also seen it suggested that you email that info to yourself, but not email on shared computers may not be secure.) I have never had a problem, but one never knows.

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