How long do your shoes last?

The question was:

I am curious about how long members expect a new pair of walking shoes to last on the Camino. I bought a new pair of Salomons after finishing one Camino, broke them in with various preparatory walks in Australia over several months (probably walking a total of only a couple of hundred kilometres) and then wore them on a Camino from Le Puy to Santiago (1400 kms). I was very disappointed to find the stitching at the heel of both shoes started to pull apart only about a month into that walk. I finished that camino by putting tape on the heels of the shoes as the split stitching was giving me blisters. With that running repair, they served me well enough, although by the time we arrived in Santiago the soles and toes of the shoes were also quite worn down.

So, in effect, the shoes lasted only one Camino — or perhaps about 2000 kms including preparatory walks. Is that what other walkers would expect from a good pair of walking shoes? I’m about to go out and buy a replacement pair for my next walk in August and am not sure whether to avoid that brand because of its performance, or whether that is pretty much all one can hope for from any comparable brand.
[By contrast, I’d pay only about half the price for a new tyre for my car and expect about 10 times the wear at far high speed!!].

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