How long does it take to walk the Camino de Santiago?


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I am planning to walk from St Jean at the end of August and have really only 30-32 days to do it in. I a mfairly fit and a good walker. All that I have read tells me that it takes between 28 days and 35 days to complete. I also know that rest days are important… so my question is (and I know it is silly) but from experienced walkers how long does it take?

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  1. The Camino can be done in 4 weeks departing from St Jean pied du port in the french basque begin the trip no later than 7 am every morning( better if you begin at 6:30 am) you will arrive to Ronsesvalle before the Pilgrim’s Mass and meal at the local restaurant where you will meet many pilgrims from all over the world…then you head to Pamplona etc and by the time you reach Santiago it has been already 4 weeks…a give yourself a day or two just in case , or need of some recovery and the needed time to dwell in Santiago after your arrival to savor your triumph and have a meal and drink to celebrate with others..

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