How many stamps do I need per day in my pilgrims passport?

Pilgrims passport

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….however those walking from Roncessvalles and further I believe should only need to obtain stamps from alburgues where they stayed. What is the current ruling? If two stamps are required, from where must this be done?

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  1. I finished the Camino in the middle of may this year. I started in SJPdP and had a stamp from every albergue and some other places along the way, but did not get two stamps from Sarria to Santiago, the lady at the desk in Santiago told me that I should have two stamps/day from Sarria to be sure of getting the credential when arriving in Santiago. I got my credential but I know a women who lost her pilgrimspass and had to get a new one along the way and didn´t get her stamps right and didn´t get her credential either…
    The Camino will be in her heart but it´s nice to have the credential!
    Get your two a day from Sarria and you´ll be safe… 🙂

  2. My son got a little casual with his stamps in the last 10 days, and only was given a Credential after they verified our passports with stamps from each town in from Sarria. (3 generations hiking together). On the other hand, last summer, my daughter merely got one stamp at each albegue she stopped at, and had no issue getting a credential.

  3. Getting the stamps was part of the adventure! We would get them several times a day – – – wherever we stayed and then also at the churches and restaurants/bars along the way. All of the stamps are different, so they are a great souvenir!

  4. You need two stemps for the last 100 km before Santiago.

    Before this, one stamp per day is enough.

  5. Minimum one per day, however if you walk particularly long days (longer than the guidebook) it helps to get extra. We were refused Pilgrim entry to The Cathedral in Burgos, because they did not believe we could have walked almost 50km in a day.

  6. We did the last 110 km from Sarria to Santiago de Compostella so knew we needed at least two (2) per day to get our compostella. We ended up getting several per day not only where we stayed, but also at Churches, Cafes, and Bars where we stopped along the way. I then mounted both my and my wife’s passports one showing one side, and one showing the other, then also framed our Compostella’s and have them hung in an area of our family. It’s fun to stop and look at the various stamps and remember this wonderful adventure. Buen Camino!

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