How much money should you have on you on the Camino de Santiago?

Euros on the Camino de Santiago
Euros on the Camino de Santiago

The question was:

In dollars or euros, what would you guys say is a good amount to have on you? Obviously I don’t want to bring too much, because I don’t have much to begin with. I don’t want to be short either. I’m asking for a realistic amount I can deal with.

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    1. Doing this one in July… and my budget is between 15-20 euro, so this will be enough according to you. Good to know. 

      1.  Ivar,
        I did this last year on a bike. The hostels i stayed in cost between 5-15 Euros a night. One of the 15€ hostels had an evening meal thrown in. If you eat near the hostels in the evening it will cost about 10€ for a 2-3 course meal with wine included. These restaurants cater for the walkers. Some hotels give a little breakfast with the cost of the bed and you can nick some rolls for lunch. Other than that you need money for snacks during the day. There are water fountains to fill up for free along the way. So if you are frugal, you could do it for an average of 20€ a day i think. Do it as you will not regret it. Good luck.

  1. I’m crunching the sums following this working out in total how much to allow…. my question is, not wanting to carry all those euros on me at one time, what is it like for getting to a bank-machine along the Camino?

  2. I carried 400 Euros with me at any time in cash because some of the smaller towns didn’t have ATM machines. I saw some people run out of money or were desperately counting what they had left because they didnt get to an ATM in time. I paid by credit card for my accomodation most of the time since I stayed in small private hotels whenever I could. I was very comfortable and didnt have to worry about money running out on the trip which meant I could focus on the walk.

      1. There is no need for a tent if you stay on the trail – you have to minimize the weight of your backpack, if you want to enjoy the trip. Also for the feelibng of being a pilgrim and for meeting other people the albergues are great, even if the most are not very luxurious- but thats why you go on the camino – to reduce yourself and see that live with less things is also great and gives you more space to enjoy.

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