How much weight did you loose on your Camino?

The question was:

I lost 13Kg on The Way […..] After carrying my pack for 1 month I came to appreciate how much 13 KG really is and how much differnce one or two Kg less can make, I hope to loose it again on my next camino?

Read how much weight others have lost while walking the camino here in the forum.


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  1. Oooh yes – what a good question. Well I lost about 9 kilos – it didn’t hurt and my
    only requirement was a belt that could get taken in fairly often. I found that I just couldn’t eat sufficient kilojoules to maintain weight. Those that drank alcohol seemed to maintain it more easily.

  2. I lost weight over 6 kilos in 27 days.
    Every evening I ate a lot and drank a lot of red wine. 🙂
    Those days when I went more than 30 kilometers, I ate a table chocolate.

    1. Szia Zoli!

      Vali vagyok, csatangolva a Caminos oldalakon találtam rá a commentedre. Én 2012.06.19.-én indulok, s szeretném megvenni már most a visszaútra is a jegyeimet, csak abban nem vagyok biztos, hány napra tervezzek- úgy számoltam 36 elég lesz. Szerinted ez reális?

  3. I lost around 25 pounds in 60 days of walk… but be carefull! It came right back and some when I came back to my “normal” life… 🙁

  4. I didn’t lose a lot of weight, but I dropped a size and a half. I was pretty jacked by the time I got home. My body just looked entirely different.

  5. April 11 2011

    Question: “What do you eat after walking 30 Kilomenters?” Answer: “Any dam
    think you want and lots of it!!”

    Yes You will lose weight. I lost about 15 lbs. Really enjoyed it. I’d walk the
    Camino again just to lose the weight.

  6. I didn’t lose any weight either but lost inches. There’s too much grease on those eggs and ‘Jamon’.

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