How to feel like you on the camino without leaving home

This post is from 2011 by our forum member +@^^ and is a classic on the forum. Very funny on how to feel like you are on the camino without leaving home

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so youve been back home for a year now
and missing that elusive camino feeling
and thinking of walking again
well theres good news
you can now achieve that same feeling from the comfort of your very own lounge suite
heres how:

  • sleep in your sleeping bag in a different room of the house covered by a blanket the dog sleeps on with the worst pillow you have or better, with your fleecy stuffed with old clothes.
  • wash your clothes by hand in the basin using the same sliver of soap you showered with sit outside your front gate for 4 hours, waithing for somebody to unlock the house
  • ask your family to shine a torch in your eyes while youre sleeping walk to the store and buy one bun, one slice of choritzo, one slice of cheese, and one banana order the food by pointing and sign language
  • strike up conversations with strangers and pretend youve known them your whole life
  • tell them the reason youre doing it
  • ask them if theyre comfortable in shoes, or if theyd have preferred boots
  • then follow them around for 15 minutes
  • go to a new restuarant and order you meal while holding the menu upside down and reading in the reflection of a mirror, in poor lighting
  • wear all the clothing you can, then ask the neighbour to spray you soaking wet with the garden hose
  • irritate your family by making loud tapping sounds with a spoon on a plate to emulate the sound of trekking poles
  • drink 3 litres of water
  • “go” in the garden
  • pick fruit from your neighbours tree
  • pop 3 painkillers with your glass of wine
  • take many photos of ridiculous arrow-like objects
  • knock on the door of your neighbour 3 doors down and ask if they have baked any fresh bread
  • go to the post office and post some clothing back to yourself
  • get dressed in the dark and put on some damp clothing
  • go to the local pub and ask the barman to stamp your passport