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  1. Fly to Barcelona, take train to Pamplona, and then hire van to drive you over to SJPP. You will be blown away on the van ride as you see what you are about to walk thru.

    1.  How much is the van ride to SJPP? We got our tickets from Dallas to Barcelona. Can we start  in Pamplona?

      1. I started in Pamplona. It’s a big center, so it was a bit difficu, lt to find the trail to the Church office, to pick up Credential. Also, I found out later, SJPDP, gives out elevation maps, and so much more inf fo. Also, they pair up people by language and country, so people can start off together

  2. Wednesday: 06/15/2011

    OK, Good question! Keep it Simple. I flew Seattle to Paris Via AirFrance, changeded planes to Biarritz, Caught a Shuttle Biarritz to Bayonne {train Station], Took the daily train Bayonne to SJPP.

    IMPORTANT!! – Take the train Bayonne to SJPP. The train is a great start for your Camino. You will see and meet folks on the train that you will encounter the entire Camino!! The train is an important part of your Camino Experience – The Camino BUZZ starts on the train. Folks will have some great stories concerning how they got to Bayonne & the train.

    I walked the Camino in Sept. 2006 and I still get a smile on my face thinking of the folks I met on the train and the stories they had.

    Buen Camino!!

    1. Thanks. This is what I plan. How about from Santiago to Paris to fly back to the US? What is the best way?

  3. I flew to Paris and took trains to SJPP, but I heard you can fly to London and take a cheap connection to Biarritz on EasyJet or RyanAir. If you’re trying to save, I’d go with the London option. Ultimately, you can fly to Madrid, Paris, London, Barcelona… and get connections to Biarritz or Pau in France, or Pamplona. There are lots of options.

  4. The easiest I found was fly into Dublin, as Ryanair uses the same facilities as the other major airlines then straight out to Biarritz and then the train. The train ride rocks and is a great last hurrah before walking for a month…The video of my trip starts on the train…

  5. I agree with Mike if you’re traveling from Seattle, although I gave myself a few days to acclimate to the time change. Air France into Paris (direct from Seattle), train to Pau (where I spent a couple of days), then the train to Bayonne that connects with the daily into SJPP.
    When you get off the train in SJPP follow those who go left rather than following the masses; you will find the sign in point easier.

    I walked the Camino in Sept/Oct 2009, from SJPP to Finisterre. It will always be a part of my life!

    Buen Camino!

    1. I’m looking into connections from Seattle too, but will consider flying Icelandic Air. They fly to Paris and are much cheaper than Air France plus allow up to 5 days free stopovers in Iceland with you want to break the trip. The are also in the Alaska Air miles group (as is Air France). Appreciate the tips from Paris on. Hope to make my walk Fall 13.

  6. Can anyone tell me the cheapest way to fly back to Spokane?….France, Spain, Portugal….

  7. I flew into Bordeaux, France and then took the train into SJPDP. The train ride is absolutely gorgeous…actually one of my most memorable experiences of the camino.

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