• I have a month to do walk, maybe 5 weeks. is it realistic to think I can walk 500 miles?

    • Amadea

      If you are in relatively good shape and don’t encounter any physical problems, four weeks is reasonable though you can count on walking from about 7am to 3 pm everyday with stops for meals and coffee break. The extra week gives you a chance to slow down should you need or want to. If I were to do it again, I would give myself the extra week to stop, see and feel more, otherwise you feel the need to keep going so you reach the destination in time.

  • Nic

    Me and my girlfriend are doing it with less and leaving in two days will let you know how we go…

  • Amadea

    I think this is possible. You will have to exercise some restraint in eating out, cook some meals in the refugio. Depends a bit on your eating habits.

  • Godfrey

    The two of us did it last October on 25 Euros a day each. No real problem – some days more expensive than others. We had to cut out paying to go into churches which was a shame looking back. Doing it again this year on the same budget.

    • Hi Godfrey,

      I’m planning my trip and would like to check with you if your 25 Euros / day already include the fees for albergues. Thanks. I’m from the Philippines but will be flying to Madrid or Paris from Shanghai, so whatever tips to lessen my camino expense would be of great help.

      • Lina

        Stay in Municipal albergues, they’re only 5e.
        Cook your own food. A pilgrims menu 2 or 3 course meal (in a bar or albergue) is 8-10e, but you can make pasta with salami and sauce, or rice with veggies, etc. yourself, for under 5e. Usually there are people around, who will want to split the cost of food and cook it together, then you only pay a few euros for your dinner.
        I did my camino last September and spent 15 euros a day, but met a few guys, who managed on 10e/day! Have some spare money for unplanned expences, like a new pair of socks, medicine, drying your clothes/shoes in a dryer, etc. and you’ll be good to go!

  • victor Morgado

    As I read about fees going inside Churches etc, I am so disappointed with the changes in the Camino…20 years ago or even 15 years ago, everything was free..CHurches were just that, opened to the public and most albergues were almost free, or one paid an offering or something…they were supported by the Government or whatever..but I dont recall spending money except for breakfast, lunch and dinner..Like Bob Dylan said , “the times are a changin”

  • niel capasso

    Hi, everyone I envy all who are doing the Camino. This is the first time since 2008 unable to do it,; having surgery on my toe therefore will be laying low. remember me on your journey.